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  • Belfast City Hospital

    Lisburn Road

    BT97AB, Belfast

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Reviews of the doctors working in this clinic

  • Bernard Lee


    • Location: Belfast City Hospital

      Excellent surgeon, very personable.

  • Stephen Geoffrey Richardson

    Cardiologist, Dr.

    • A very thorough and attentive cardiologist,one in whom I would have the utmost confidence in.

  • John Hazlett Price

    Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Dr.

    • Location: Belfast City Hospital

      Dr Price made good decisions that meant I was able to have a daughter after a point in my life were I thought that there was no hope.

    • Dr price carried out my surgery. It made an amazing difference to my life. Wish I had had it done 20 years ago.

  • Sigrid Elisabet Refsum

    General Surgeon, Ms.

    • Location: Belfast City Hospital

      Well how do I describe my experience of Miss Refsum... wonderful. She is a meticulous, articulate, direct and highly skilled surgeon who really knows what she is doing. I had complete confidence in this lady. My surgical outcome was amazing.

    • Location: Medical Practice

      I agree entirely with that other comment, I had not been in hospital for a very long time, so I must admit I was very worried. But I truly didn't need to, I had excellent treatment from the very start, from everyone, I would recommend the City hospital, and all the staff concerned to everybody.

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  • Treen Carson Michael Morris

    Hematologist, Dr.

    • Location: Belfast City HospitalService: Treatment for Non Hodgkins lymphoma

      A superb consultant, very caring, attentive and knowledgeable

      Could be improved:

  • Malcolm Ivan Wiggam

    Geriatrician, Dr.

    • Location: Belfast City HospitalService: investigation and review

      Polite, friendly, conscientious, very thorough and explained all aspects of my care and investigation comprehensively.

      Could be improved:
      Was completley satisfied with all aspects of my consultations.