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  • Which consultant should I book with for Fibromyalgia and chronic tiredness please? Thank you

    Happy to see at Spire Leicester .
    Dr A Moorthy

    Dr. Arumugam Moorthy

  • Question about Pain

    Rheumatologist or neurologist? Skin problems with colour changing hands mottled skin dry eyes red eye Bell’s palsy? Ringing in ear sinus problems muscle twitches fingers shaking burst tiny vessels in hands joint clicking muscle hardening nerve pain bloating tummy urination problems slight leak brain freeze headaches memory problems forgetfulness swollen fingers most of time toes ankles swell intermittent breathing probs hands very occasionally also lock for short time. Ankles can hurt to walk on weight gain pains bottom of feet abdomen pain pain up backside. All intermittent except sausage fingers and eye bowel urination probs.for years had probs but over last year gotten worse with more symptoms

    Rheumatologist can help
    Fibromyalgia also in the differentials

    Dr. Arumugam Moorthy

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  • Paediatric Rheumatology
  • Work related upper limb disorders