Andrew de Burgh Thomas, Genito-urinary Medicine Specialist

Andrew de Burgh Thomas

Genito-urinary Medicine Specialist, Infectious Diseases Specialist


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  • Question about Condyloma

    I have found warts around my anal area. I have suspicion of Condolyma. Im 33 yeras old male from EU currently working in UK. I have not been registered with any doctor yet. I am looking for an advice or anyone to help me out with this issue? Id appreciate it. Thanks.

    If you go on the website and look on the left side part way down you can input your post code and find the nearest clinic and they will take it from there. You may wait to be seen but GU clinics have an open door policy and see all comers

    Andrew de Burgh Thomas

  • Question about Schistosomiasis

    How long will Schistosomiasis remain in your system untreated. I spent a great deal of time in Brazil for 10 years in a very small village. Shortly after my travels I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. I have no risk factors for cirrhosis. Recently I have shown more problems with my liver (very small lesion) and my gastro (diarrhea/constipation. My doctor is stumped! Could I possibly have Schistosomiasis? Can Schistosomiasis go undiagnosed for more than 10 years?

    Hi there, a ssimple blood test will tell you whether you even need to consider schistosomiasis

    Andrew de Burgh Thomas

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