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  • Robert Baylis  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Robert Baylis


    • Southwick Hill Road, Cosham,, Portsmouth

      Queen Alexandra Hospital

    There was a mix up at the hospital and my appointment was left off the surgery list,...

  • Piers Lesser  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Piers Lesser


    • Salterhebble , Halifax

      Calderdale Royal Hospital

    • Acre Street, Lindley,, Huddersfield

      Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

    Dr Lesser is a very kind and considerate Consultant actually listening to what you...

  • Douglas Natusch  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Douglas Natusch


    • Lawes Bridge, Torquay

      Torbay Hospital

    I would have no hesitation to recommend Dr Douglas Natusch.he works with such professionalism...

  • Paul Nandi  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Paul Nandi


    • 235 Euston Road , London

      The Royal London Hospital For Integrated Medicine

    Dr Nandi is one of the kindest, most compassionate Drs I have ever met. I have lived...

  • Jatin Dedhia  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Jatin Dedhia


    • Grantham

      Grantham and District Hospital

    • Sibsey Road, Boston

      Pilgrim Hospital

    Dr Dedhia is a most caring doctor. He takes time to explain, answer question and...

  • Krishna Nath Bakhshi - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Krishna Nath Bakhshi


    • Stoke Mandeville Hospital Mandeville Road , Aylesbury

      Medical Practice

    • Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe

      BMI The Shelburne Hospital

    Goodness, if all doctors let alone consultants were 10% as good as this doctor then...

  • Mark Hitchcock  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Mark Hitchcock


    • Herringston Road , Dorchester

      BMI The Winterbourne Hospital

    • St Mary's Road , Poole

      BMI The Harbour Hospital

    I have been seen at DORCHESTER for quite a long time and have found the treatment...

  • Howard Brownlow  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Howard Brownlow


    • Poole Hospital Longfleet Road , Poole

      Poole General Hospital Nhs Trust Hq

    He looked too young to be a consultant. Made me feel very at ease. Lovely manner.

  • Malvern May  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Malvern May


    • Grays

      Orsett Hospital

    Dr May has done my L.P. He has a very down to earth way with words!! He is amazing...

  • Nicholas Campkin  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Nicholas Campkin


    • Southwick Hill Road, Cosham,, Portsmouth

      Queen Alexandra Hospital

    After 11 years of surgery, Dr Campkin is the first doctor I have felt was genuinely...

  • Sri Ramachandran  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Sri Ramachandran


    • Turner Road, Colchester

      Colchester General Hospital

    Excellent: She is a very caring and thorough Doctor who was very understanding without...

  • Yaser Mehrez  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Yaser Mehrez


    • Standing Way Eaglestone , Milton Keynes

      Milton Keynes Hospital

    Have been under his pain management team for a few years & am a living testimony...

  • Simon Tordoff - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Simon Tordoff


    • Gwendolen Road, Leicester

      Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust

    • Scraptoft Lane, Leicester

      Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital

    Great doctor. Genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. Listened to my issues and treated...

  • Jeremy W Ackers  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Jeremy W Ackers


    • Lawes Bridge, Torquay

      Torbay Hospital

    I recently had hysterectomy & Mr Ackers was also very kind & reassuring. He also...

  • Shatha Haemeed  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Shatha Haemeed


    • Burnt Oak Broadway , Edgware

      Edgware Community Hospital

    • Wellhouse Lane , Barnet

      Barnet Hospital

    she is a very smart, co-operative and trustable doctor highly recommended .

  • Jeremy Weinbren - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Jeremy Weinbren


    • Hillingdon Hospital Pield Heath Road , Uxbridge

      Medical Practice

    • Pield Heath Road , Uxbridge

      The Hillingdon Hospital

    Was patient , gave proper explanation, discuss treatment options and overall provided...

  • Anil Soni - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Anil Soni


    • Market Street , Altrincham

      Altrincham General Hospital

    • Moorside Road, Manchester

      Trafford General Hospital

    Dr Anil Soni is the loveliest consultant I've ever known and I work alongside many...

  • Winston De Mello  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Winston De Mello


    • Southmoor Road, Manchester

      Wythenshawe Hospital

    Excellent: I had suffered with chronic pain for 10 months following a shoulder injury...

  • Kosta Levshankov  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Kosta Levshankov


    • Marshalls Cross Road , St Helens

      St Helens Hospital

    • Whiston , Prescot

      Whiston Hospital

    Dr Levshankov was knowledgable, caring & explained my condition to me fully. I felt...

  • Joanne M Rogers  - Anaesthetist

    Dr. Joanne M Rogers


    • Southmoor Road, Manchester

      Wythenshawe Hospital

    Excellent: This lady was excellent. A fantastic beside manner and a very true caring...