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Mr Ajay Mahajan has a specialist interest in cosmetic breast surgery having refined his breast surgical skills in world renowned institutes for breast surgery at the University hospital,… more


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  • M
    Location: Capio Yorkshire ClinicService: Face neck lift. Upper eyelid surgery

    I recently had a facelift, neck and upper eyelid surgery (11 days ago) and am extremely happy with the results! I did some research beforehand and am so glad I chose Mr Mahajan, he answered all my questions and was very attentive through the whole process, he really had that personal touch which made me feel really cared for, and I got the feeling he is very passionate about the work he does. This was made clear to me by the outcome of the surgery which is more than I expected! It seems to me that Mr Mahajan didn't just do a very professional facelift/eye surgery, but in fact he aesthetically sculptured my face in a very NATURAL way (Aesthetic, dealing with beauty, art, and taste).

    It appears that he has smoothed and filled out places bringing a youthfulness to my face, returning to me little features that I once enjoyed, and thought I'd lost forever. My family and friends absolutely love the new me, giving comments such as Wow! Amazing! Oh my God! ...Oh it's so natural! I saw a friend yesterday (10 days after surgery), I hardly said hello when he replied "Have you been on holiday? Can I just say you look stunning!" What fun! And more to come!

    The overnight hospital stay was very comfortable, the nurses were lovely giving me all the attention I needed. There was some pain afterwards for around 3/4 days but nothing that some paracetamol couldn't allieviate. Wasn't like having a bad tooth ache where one might be moaning etc, nothing like that. I was given a headband/bandage that could be adjusted at the top and behind the neck for comfort. All went well! One of my friends said she hoped Mr Mahajan looked after himself because she was planning on seeing him sometime in the near future!

    If you are thinking of having cosmetic surgery then I wholeheartedly recommend Mr Mahajan, enjoy!!

  • J
    Location: Capio Yorkshire Clinic

    My mahajan is an amazing surgen , I had numous consultations with different doctors but Mr mahajans experience and results made me choose him , he was a delite and kept me at ease and now 2 weeks after my rhinoplasty I couldn't be happier with the results , he's a miracle worker.

  • K
    Location: another placeService: Tummy Tuck

    Following a consultation with Mr. A. Mahajan just after Christmas, in March 2018 I decided that the time had come for me to get my life back. I’d had four pregnancies, my last baby being over 10lb in weight. This had left me with a large abdominal overhang. No amount of exercise and diet would move it as there was a LOT of excess skin.

    For a number of years I was the person that avoided photographs, I longed for winter so that I could hide in dark coloured loose fitting clothes. My confidence was very low and I would avoid drawing attention to myself. I avoided the gym at busy times due to embarrassment and hated social occasions.

    During my consultation with Mr. Mahajan I was immediately put at ease. I found myself able to discuss my problem with him without embarrassment. I had every confidence in Mr. Mahajan and booked for a tummy tuck procedure In March at the Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley. Prior to the procedure either Mr. Mahajan or his secretary, Nicola were available to answer any queries I had.

    After my procedure Mr. Mahajan came to see me in the clinic on a daily basis to check on my progress. He did not rush to discharge me until I felt comfortable. Again following discharge, Mr. Mahajan or his secretary were available to answer any queries.

    I am now six weeks post op. and my confidence has improved massively. I have had my hair cut short, bought tighter fitting clothing and no longer feel that I have to hide away. My procedure has been a life changer. I have a cute belly button and as the swelling is going down my hour glass shape is coming though !!

    To anyone considering a procedure I cannot recommend Mr. Mahajan highly enough. I will certainly be booking him for my next procedure.

    So happy, thank you !!

  • Location: Spire Elland HospitalService: Cosmetic ear surgery

    I am now 4 months post op from a bilateral pinnaplasty and I couldn’t have hoped to achieve a better outcome! What a kind and humble man, so pleased to show off my new ears. Thank you so much!

  • Location: Spire Elland HospitalService: Facial surgery

    I was very impressed with Mr Mahajan. He explained the procedure thoroughly prior to my operation and was easy to talk to. All the staff at the hospital were fantastic. The result is excellent and I’m very pleased with it. I would definitely recommend Mr Mahajan to anyone considering surgery

  • M
    Location: Spire Elland HospitalService: Breast Enlargement

    I first met Ajay Mahajan back in September 2017 when I had a consultation for Breast augmentation. I had been considering having this procedure for a number of years and finally plucked up the courage to go and discuss what the produce entailed and what he would recommend for me. Mr Mahajan was very professional from the minute I met him and I immediately felt confident in his ability. He thoroughly enjoys his job and is very good at it! I wanted a natural looking breast augmentation that suited my petite frame and felt he could achieve this. I finally had the surgery 30th January. I was understandably nervous on the day and I was made feel at ease. I felt the whole experience went without a glitch and I was very well looked after. Post surgery Mr Mahajan has been very helpful with any questions I have had and personally responded via email in a timely manner. I love my new shape and that I now have breasts! Friends and family are very impressed with the results and now wish for theirs doing. I would highly recommend Mr Mahajan and the Elland Spire team.
    A massive thank you!

  • S
    Location: Spire Elland HospitalService: Abdominoplasty

    Tummy tuck and liposuction. Fantastic surgeon. Very competent and I felt very safe in his hands. The aftercare has been outstanding, there was no rush to discharge me from hospital and I felt I was under very good care. I’ve had zero problems or issues and my scar is amazing, it’s so neat and tidy and my new belly button looks exactly the same as my old one. 3 months post op and Mr Mahajan has changed my life and it was all so easy. Highly recommend.

  • S
    Location: Capio Yorkshire Clinic

    My Experience – By Sally

    Apprehensive, scared, afraid and unhappy with my physical appearance. I made an immediate decision that brought along my move forward to change. I am a very happy lady, so this decision to change was massive for me.

    Where do you start to have body changing surgery?

    The story as it is……..

    13 years ago I lost my husband and believed in order to move forward I had to change. I had breast implants, which I loved, but a number of years on (more food!!) I was not happy with myself, my clothes etc.

    Being in charge of my own actions I decided to have a breast reduction but where to start! I had no recommendations, only instinct, which proved me right.

    I met Mr Mahajan, who instantly gave me confidence, not only in his ability, but his manner & care of health. He is a good listener and I believe he truly does want to help people, acting on his knowledge and wisdom.

    My surgery was a challenge and never in my best dreams did I think what a wonderful outcome I would have.

    I felt confident with Mr Mahajan, even after our first meeting. I had a feeling of trust to share my inner most thoughts and worries with him. I didn’t feel embarrassed or indeed shy, which I had expected.

    He was and is professional and is respectful to one’s wishes.

    So I find myself writing today out of appreciation and gratitude. I hope this little note helps others with their choice.

    Oh by the way, my new boobs look fantastic as do my eyes. A little something of an after thought while I was having my surgery!

  • H
    Location: Capio Yorkshire ClinicService: Breast reduction

    I have had large breasts since a being teenager and more recently the menopause has increased my breast size. This over the years has impacted on my posture, due to the weight and also hunching over to try to disguise them, resulting in constant back, shoulder and neck pain. Physio and yoga helped to ease the discomfort, but only dealt with the symptoms and not the real cause.
    After much research, and consultations with Mr Mahajan, who explained every step of the process to me, I had a breast reduction operation carried out three weeks ago. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Already the constant discomfort and the embarrassment from having large breasts are a thing of the past. My posture has already noticably improved and I’m sure this will continue once I can exercise again.
    Having gone from a 36H to a 36D, I wish I had consulted Mr Mahajan many years sooner.
    I can now stand tall, with improved posture and be proud of my new breasts which are now in proportion to my body frame.
    I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough to Mr Mahajan and the rest of the team for their expertise, care and compassion. Mr Mahajan is an excellent surgeon, very likeable and with the ability to allay any fears.

  • H
    Location: another placeService: Abdominoplasty

    Following a 9stone weight loss, I decided to investigate the radical surgery needed to remove a large flap of abdominal skin. After some research I booked an appointment with Mr Mahajan at the Yorkshire Clinic. From the outset his calm and professional manner was most reassuring. He explained the possibilities for surgery for both my abdomen and breasts, suggesting the fleur de lis procedure to maximise the benefit of surgery in terms of appearance. I was happy with the size of my boobs in a good bra, it’s just that they were completely sagging onto my abdomen when naked, so Mr Mahajan suggested no form of implant was needed, but rather a restructuring of the skin around the breast tissue and moving of the nipple to give an uplifted appearance.
    On the morning of my operation there was lots of marking up with felt pen and careful measuring and I was prepared for the lengthy surgery.
    Following surgery Mr Mahajan visited me on the ward regularly, sometimes twice each day, to assess the wound drainage and general progress and I was discharged after 5 nights.
    I had some difficulties with wound healing but the package I had chosen meant there was no limit in the care or clinic visits I could receive at the hospital, and continued to see Mr Mahajan each week for about 6 weeks and then monthly up to three months.
    The laxity if the abdominal skin left some sagging still in the area of of my upper abdomen so Mr M suggested a ‘revision of scar’ to improve the appearance, he exercised caution because radical work too early would have risked nerve damage. I felt I was well informed of the potential benefits and possible risks through out the whole process, this also helped in ensuring my expectations for the surgery were realistic, as this was very stretched skin and complex surgery.
    During the revision surgery on my upper abdomen, I also opted to have the sagging skin in my upper eyelids removed, where the hooded nature of the skin was actually obscuring my vision.
    A year after the initial surgery, I am very, very pleased with the results. My boobs have been amazing from the moment I came around from the anaesthetic and my lower abdomen is beautifully smooth and tight. The upper abdomen has some slight wrinkling due to the difficulties of cutting right up to the area beneath my boobs. I’m not quite sure how he managed it but Mr M also tightened up the skin on my pubis in with everything else ????
    My scars are fading to a pale pink and some have almost disappeared. The over all effect is fabulous, confidence building, gorgeousness.
    I have recommended Mr Mahajan without hesitation to others as the initial consultation, surgery, care in hospital and continuing care until discharge were excellent.

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Experience and Qualifications

About me

  • Mr Ajay Mahajan
    has a specialist interest in cosmetic breast surgery having refined his
    breast surgical skills in world renowned institutes for breast surgery
    at the University hospital, Gent, Belgium and at the Akademikliniken, Stockholm, Sweden. He is one of the most reputed plastic surgeons performing cosmetic breast surgery in Halifax – Bradford – Leeds, Yorkshire. His tenure in Stockhlom and Geneva also helped him perfect his other aesthetic surgery skills of the body and face.
    Mr Mahajan strongly believes in “Beauty Through Science”,
    a principle he picked up as a member of the Akademikliniken family when
    in Stockholm. In pursuit of this, he practises evidence based medicine
    and has succeeded Prof David Sharpe as the Director of the Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit (PSBRU)
    ‘Safe’ and ‘beautiful’ results are dependent on ‘experience’ and
    ‘expertise’ of your plastic surgeon. Mr Ajay Mahajan is a highly trained
    and experienced plastic surgeon who is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at
    the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust / Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust and is the Director of the prestigious Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit (PSBRU) at the University of Bradford. He is a full member of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAPRAS), British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), International confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (IPRAS), Association of Breast Surgeons (ABS)
    and is on the Specialist register for plastic surgery with the General
    Medical Council (GMC). Surgeons are only awarded membership of these
    associations if they are fully qualified and it is a reassurance for you
    that you are in safe hands.


  • Breast surgery

Schools graduated

  • MB BS, Andhra University, India, 1991
  • FRCSI, Royal College of Surgeons, 1999
  • MMedSc, National Univesity of Ireland, 2005
  • MD, Geneva, Switzerland / National University of Ireland, 2008
  • FRCS Plast, Royal College of Surgeons, 2008

Language skills

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Telugu