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  1. Cardicor

    Cardicor - Medication ... description: 1.25mg, off-white, round tablets; 2.5mg, off-white, heart
  2. Tridestra

    Tridestra - Medication ... Drug description: Estradiol valerate, white tablets; estradiol valerate/ medroxyprogesterone acetate, blue tablets; placebo, yellow tablets Generic name: Estradiol [oestradiol]
  3. Dromadol Xl

    Dromadol Xl - Medication ... description: Film-coated, prolonged release, white tablets marked 'TOD 150', 'TOD
  4. Istin

    Istin - Medication ... Pregnancy, lactation Drug description: White tablets marked ITN 5 or
  5. Lopid

    Lopid - Medication ... ingredient Drug description: Lopid: white/maroon capsules marked LOPID 300. Lopid Tablets: white oval f/c tablets marked LOPID Generic name:
  6. Ritalin

    Ritalin - Medication ... glaucoma, thyrotoxicosis Drug description: White scored tablets marked CG and AB
  7. Binovum

    Binovum - Medication ... micrograms, norethisterone 0.5 mg: white tablets marked C over 535. ... norethisterone 1 mg: peach tablets marked C over 135
  8. Pancrex V Forte Tablets

    Pancrex V Forte Tablets - Medication ... Pancrex V Forte Tablets Indications: Fibrocystic disease, pancreatic ... description: Pancrex V Forte Tablets: white e- c tablets. Pancrex V Tablets: white e-c tablets. Pancrex V Capsules: ivory
  9. Prostin E2 Vaginal Tablets

    Prostin E2 Vaginal Tablets - Medication ... Prostin E2 Vaginal Tablets Indications: Oxytocic. Induction of ... Contra Indications: Drug description: White vaginal tablets marked UPJOHN and 715
  10. Volsaid Retard

    Volsaid Retard - Medication ... Indications: Drug description: 75mg: white triangular sustained- release tablets marked DIC 75. 100 mg: red sustained-release tablets marked DIC 100 Generic
  11. Seroxat

    Seroxat - Medication ... Indications: Drug description: Seroxat Tablets: 20 mg white f-c oval scored tablet;
  12. Solvazinc

    Solvazinc - Medication ... Drug description: Off-white effervescent tablets Generic name: Zinc sulphate
  13. Evorel-Pak

    Evorel-Pak - Medication ... Estradiol: transdermal patches. Norethisterone: white tablets marked C over 1
  14. Norinyl-1

    Norinyl-1 - Medication ... disease. Pregnancy Drug description: White tablets marked SEARLE and 1
  15. Ovestin

    Ovestin - Medication ... lactation Drug description: Ovestin: white tablets coded DG7, ORGANON and
  16. Triadene

    Triadene - Medication ... description: Beige, brown or white tablets (see above) Generic name:
  17. Calcichew

    Calcichew - Medication ... failure Drug description: Calcichew: white chewable tablets. Calcichew Forte: white chewable tablets Generic name: Calcium carbonate
  18. Calcichew D3 Forte

    Calcichew D3 Forte - Medication ... Drug description: Calcichew D3: white chewable tablets. Calcichew D3 Forte: white chewable tablets Generic name: Calcium carbonate
  19. Megace

    Megace - Medication ... Pregnancy, lactation Drug description: White scored tablets marked 40; 160 mg off-white oval scored tablets marked 160 Generic name:
  20. Myotonine

    Myotonine - Medication ... Drug description: 10 mg white scored tablets; 25 mg white cross-scored tablets Generic name: Bethanechol chloride

white tablets

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