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  1. Noriday

    Noriday - Medication ... ectopic pregnancy Drug description: White tablets marked NY and Searle
  2. Microval

    Microval - Medication ... ectopic pregnancy Drug description: White tablets Generic name: Levonorgestrel Drug
  3. Topamax

    Topamax - Medication ... Lactation Drug description: Topamax: white, light yellow, yellow or pink f-c tablets marked with tablet name ... Topamax Sprinkle capsules: small white to off-white spheres in gelatin capsules consisting of white bodies with clear (natural)
  4. Sotacor

    Sotacor - Medication ... bronchospasm Drug description: Sotacor Tablets: white tablets marked with tablet name
  5. Buscopan

    Buscopan - Medication ... Buscopan Indications: Tablets: Relief of spasm of ... megacolon Drug description: Buscopan Tablets: white s- c tablet. Buscopan
  6. Surmontil

    Surmontil - Medication ... lactation Drug description: Surmontil: white tablets marked with tablet strength
  7. Toradol

    Toradol - Medication ... severe post-operative pain. Toradol Tablets: Short-term management of moderate ... solution in ampoules. Toradol Tablets: white f-c tablets marked KET 10 Generic
  8. Tylex

    Tylex - Medication ... Tylex Capsules: red and white capsules marked C30. Tylex Effervescent: white effervescent tablets Generic name: Co-codamol 30/500
  9. Reminyl

    Reminyl - Medication ... Drug description: 4mg, off-white tablets; 8mg, pink tablets; 12mg orange-brown tablets. All circular, biconvex tablets marked 'Janssen' on one
  10. Climagest

    Climagest - Medication ... description: 1mg: 16 grey-blue tablets coded E1 (estradiol valerate 1mg) and 12 white tablets coded N1 (norethisterone 1 mg). 2mg: 16 blue tablets coded E2 (estradiol valerate ... and 12 pale yellow tablets coded N2 (norethisterone 1
  11. Famvir

    Famvir - Medication ... other constituents Drug description: White f-c tablets Generic name: Famciclovir -
  12. Nootropil

    Nootropil - Medication ... lactation Drug description: Nootropil: white oblong f-c scored tablets marked N. Nootropil Solution:
  13. Cipramil

    Cipramil - Medication ... Indications: Drug description: Cipramil Tablets: 10 mg white f-c tablet marked CL. 20 mg white oval f-c scored tablet marked CN. 40 mg white oval f-c scored tablet
  14. Cardicor

    Cardicor - Medication ... description: 1.25mg, off-white, round tablets; 2.5mg, off-white, heart
  15. Tridestra

    Tridestra - Medication ... Drug description: Estradiol valerate, white tablets; estradiol valerate/ medroxyprogesterone acetate, blue tablets; placebo, yellow tablets Generic name: Estradiol [oestradiol]
  16. Dromadol Xl

    Dromadol Xl - Medication ... description: Film-coated, prolonged release, white tablets marked 'TOD 150', 'TOD
  17. Istin

    Istin - Medication ... Pregnancy, lactation Drug description: White tablets marked ITN 5 or
  18. Lopid

    Lopid - Medication ... ingredient Drug description: Lopid: white/maroon capsules marked LOPID 300. Lopid Tablets: white oval f/c tablets marked LOPID Generic name:
  19. Ritalin

    Ritalin - Medication ... glaucoma, thyrotoxicosis Drug description: White scored tablets marked CG and AB
  20. Binovum

    Binovum - Medication ... micrograms, norethisterone 0.5 mg: white tablets marked C over 535. ... norethisterone 1 mg: peach tablets marked C over 135

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