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  1. Dr. Annette Riley

    Pathology, General ... Department of Pathology Stirling Royal Infirmary Livilands FK82AU Stirling
  2. Dr. David George Goodhead

    Psychiatry ... Doncaster Royal Infirmary Armthorpe Road DN25LT Doncaster
  3. Dr. Stephen Graham Potts

    Psychiatry ... Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh EH164SA Edinburgh
  4. Dr. Amanda Mary Poynton

    Psychiatry ... Rawnsley Building Manchester Royal Infirmary Oxford Road M139BX Manchester
  5. Dr. Mohit Ramgoolam

    Psychiatry ... Department of Psychiatry Doncaster Royal Infirmary Armthorpe Rd DN25LT Doncaster
  6. Dr. Gillian Suzanne McLean

    Psychiatry ... Falkirk & District Royal Infirmary Major's Loan FK15QE Falkirk
  7. Dr. Katherine Sunita Naik

    Radiology ... Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Acre Street Lindley HD33EA Huddersfield
  8. Dr. Margaret Elizabeth Brooks

    Radiology ... Department of Radiology Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Foresterhill AB252ZN Aberdeen
  9. Dr. Elamana Nandakumar

    Radiology ... Department of Diagnostic Radiology Blackburn Royal Infirmary Bolton Road BB23LR Blackburn
  10. Dr. Ananda Wijetilaka Atukorala

    Radiology ... X-Ray Department Bradford Royal Infirmary BD96RJ Bradford
  11. Dr. John Tallach Murchison

    Radiology ... Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Lauriston Place EH39YW Edinburgh
  12. Dr. Kenneth George Fowler

    Radiology ... Depratment of Radiology Perth Royal Infirmary PH11NX Perth
  13. Dr. Dugald Alexander Glen

    Radiology ... Department of Radiology Stirling Royal Infirmary FK82AU Stirling
  14. Dr. Fergus Vincent Coakley

    Radiology ... Department of Radiology Leicester Royal Infirmary LE15WW Leicester
  15. Dr. Richard Walter Heaton

    Respiratory Medicine ... The Royal Infirmary Lindley HD33EA Huddersfield
  16. Dr. Alan George MacDonald

    Rheumatology ... Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Foresterhill AB252ZN Aberdeen
  17. Dr. Margaret Ann Byron

    Rheumatology ... Rheumatology Unit Bristol Royal Infirmary BS28HW Bristol
  18. Dr. Sheelagh Mary Doherty

    Rheumatology ... Hull Royal Infirmary Anlaby Road HU32JZ Hull
  19. Dr. Paul Rafferty

    Respiratory Medicine ... Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary Bankend Road DG14AP Dumfries
  20. Dr. Justein Sarah Noble Sim

    Cardiology ... Royal infirmary of Edinburgh Laviston place EH39YN Edinburgh

royal infirmary

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