Usage of Lasix

Indications: Lasix: Oedema. Lasix 500: Acute or chronic renal insufficiency
Contra Indications:

Drug description Lasix

Drug description: Lasix: 20 mg white scored tablets marked DLF; 40 mg white scored tablets marked DLI. Both also marked with maker's symbol. Lasix 500: yellow quarter-scored tablets marked with maker's symbol one side, DLX on reverse. Lasix Injection: ampoules
Generic name: Frusemide (furosemide)
Drug class description: Loop diuretics

Special precautions Lasix

Hepatic or renal impairment. Gout. Diabetes. Prostatic hypertrophy or impaired micturition. Pregnancy. Lactation. Potassium supplements may be required

Adverse and side effects Lasix

GI upset, rash, gout

Presentation Lasix

Lasix Lasix: Frusemide 20mg , 40mg . Lasix 500: Frusemide 500 mg (Hospital supervision only). Lasix Paediatric Liquid: Frusemide 1mg per mL. Lasix Injection: Frusemide 10mg per mL

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