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Usage of Diazepam

Indications: Short-term treatment of anxiety that is severe or disabling, occurring alone or with insomnia. Acute alcohol withdrawal. Night terrors and somnambulism in children. By injection, severe acute anxiety, muscle spasm
Contra Indications: Acute pulmonary insufficiency, respiratory depression, phobic or obsessional states, chronic psychosis, myasthenia gravis. Pregnancy, labour and lactation

Drug description Diazepam

Drug description:
Generic name: Generic
Drug class description: Long-acting benzodiazepines (anxiolytics)

Special precautions Diazepam

Chronic pulmonary insufficiency, chronic renal or hepatic disease. The elderly. Judgement and dexterity may be impaired, patients should be warned of these effects. Do not use alone to treat depression or anxiety associated with depression. In psychological adjustment may be impaired. Avoid long-term use; withdraw gradually

Adverse and side effects Diazepam

Drowsiness, light-headedness, muscle weakness, ataxia, confusion, vertigo, GI upset, hypotension, visual disturbances, skin rashes, impaired alertness and dexterity. Urinary retention, changes in libido. Rarely blood disorders and jaundice. Abnormal psychological reactions, Risk of dependence increases the higher the dose and the longer the treatment

Presentation Diazepam

  • Diazepam Tablets, diazepam 2mg , 5 mg , 10 mg . Available from APS, Cox, Cross Pharma (5mg only), Hillcross, Ranbaxy, Regent. Oral solution/syrup, diazepam 2mg/5mL . Available from Cox (oral solution), Lagap (syrup). Strong syrup, diazepam 5mg/5mL . Available from Lagap. Injection, diazepam 2mg/5mL . Available from CP, Phoenix. Rectal tubes, diazepam 5mg , 10mg . Available from Lagap. Injection, diazepam 5mg/mL (2mL ampoules). Available from CP, Phoenix

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