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Indications: Standard ACBS indications plus CAPD and haemodialysis
Contra Indications:

Drug description Clinutren

Drug description: Clinutren: vanilla, chocolate, caramel or peach flavoured dessert. 125 kcal/100 g. Clinutren ISO: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry-rasberry or coffee flavoured liquid. 100kcal/ 100 mL. Clinutren 1 .5: vanilla, chocolate, apricot, strawberry- rasberry or banana flavoured liquid. 150 kcal/100 mL. liquid. 150 kcal/100 mL
Generic name: Protein, carbohydrate, vitamins
Drug class description: Foods (ACBS approved)

Presentation Clinutren

  • Clinutren Clinutren: Protein (milk protein) 12g, carbohydrate (sucrose, lactose, maltodextrin, corn starch) 19 g, fat (butter oil, milk fat) 3 .3 g, vitamins, minerals per 125g, gluten-free. Clinutren ISO: Protein (caseinates, whey, dried egg yolk) 3 .8 g, carbohydrate (sucrose, maltodextrin) 13 .8 g, fat (butter, corn, soya oil, egg yolk lipids) 3 .3 g, vitamins, minerals, trace elements per 100 mL, gluten-free. Clinutren 1 .5: Protein (caseinates, whey) 5 .6 g, carbohydrate (sucrose, maltodextrin, milk carbohydrate) 21 g, fat (butter, corn, soya oil) 5 g, vitamins, minerals, trace elements per 100 mL, gluten-free

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