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Indications: Pruritus
Contra Indications:

Drug description Calamine

Drug description:
Generic name: Generic
Drug class description: Antipruritics
Drug description:
Generic name: Generic
Drug class description: Antipruritics / emollients

Presentation Calamine

  • Calamine Lotion, calamine 5 per cent, arachis (peanut) oil 50 per cent, oleic acid 0.5 per cent, wool fat 1 per cent, in calcium hydroxide solution. Available from Thornton & Ross, William Ransom
  • Calamine Lotion, calamine 15 per cent, zinc oxide 5 per cent, glycerol 5 per cent, bentonite 3 per cent, sodium citrate 0.5 per cent, liquefied phenol 0.5 per cent, in freshly boiled and cooled purified water. Available from Bell, Sons & Co, Hillcross, Numark, Pinewood, Rusco, Thornton & Ross, Unichem, William Ransom
  • Calamine Oily
  • Calamine Lotion

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Most bites will eventually settle on their own without scarring and without treatment. Those bites which scar anyway eg Recluse spider will not improve with calamine. Non- scarring bites (ie most insect bites) can scar if they are scratched excessively and I find the most effective way to treat the itch is to use a potent topical steroid eg Clobetasol.

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Dr. Anshoo Sahota



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