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Usage of Adcal-D3

Indications: As an adjunct to specific therapy for osteoporosis and in situations requiring therapeutic supplementation of malnutrition, eg, in pregnancy and established vitamin D dependent osteomalacia. The prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency/vitamin D deficiency especially in the housebound and institutionalised elderly subjects. Deficiency of the active moieties is indicated by raised levels of PTH, lowered 25-hydroxy vitamin D and raised alkaline phosphatase levels which are associated with increased bone loss
Contra Indications: Hypercalcaemia, Hypercalcaemia, hyperparathyroidism, severe renal failure, renal calculi, severe hypercalciuria

Drug description Adcal-D3

Drug description: 3 White chewable tablets
Generic name: Calcium carbonate, vitamin D - deficiency 3
Drug class description: Calcium supplements / vitamin D3

Special precautions Adcal-D3

Mild renal failure or hypercalciuria; monitor calcium levels and urinary calcium excretion

Adverse and side effects Adcal-D3

GI upset

Presentation Adcal-D3

  • Adcal-D3 Tablets, calcium carbonate 1500mg (equivalent to calcium 600mg), vitamin D 400iu

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this can be depending on the indication for example Vit D deficiency or osteoporosis. Osteoporosis usually long term

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Dr. Arumugam Moorthy


It does not taste good . Ideally as mentioned it should be chewed.

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Dr. Kaushik Sanyal



Adcal D3 contains both calcium and vitamin D. The vitamin D is low dose and you can take this daily . D3 5000 has high dose of vitamin d3 ( 5000 instead of 800). It doesn't have calcium (please check the ingredients as there are different preparations). It is normally taken once or twice weekly. If taken daily, it is only for 3 months to correct deficiency.

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Dr. Krishnan Baburaj



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