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Under ideal conditions many procedures can be done under local anesthetic. Since there is a maximum amount of local anaesthetic that can be safely given, large procedures have to be done under general anaesthetic. Operations that can be done under local anaesthetic in suitable patients include: -skin lesions and cancers -scar corrections -hand surgery -smaller breast operations -cosmetic genital surgery -minor ear, nose, eyelid corrections

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Mr. Hagen Schumacher

Plastic Surgeon


Almost all skin cancer surgery is carried out under local anaesthesia. General anaesthesia is used if very large procedures are necessary such as large skin grafts or lymph node procedures.

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Dr. Anshoo Sahota



If it was really a BCC and was completely removed, nothing more needs to be done and there should be no need for further follow up. Perhaps there are some details missing.

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Mr. Anindya Lahiri

Cosmetic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon


You should be informed so you can give consent. The risks and benefits or alternative approach.

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Dr. Andrew Affleck



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