What is the success rate of shoulder arthroscopy?

Question about Shoulder arthroscopy

What is the success rate of shoulder arthroscopy?

Very difficult to answer such type of a question. Proper diagnosis, appropriate treatment and only if required arthroscopy will usually yield good results!

I'm afraid that's a very broad question! It depends on what procedure you are having done to the shoulder arthroscopically. It also depends what you mean by success - relief of pain, increased strength, stability, return to sport?
In very broad terms, no procedure carries an absolute guarantee of success. Also, in principle, the success rate of a procedure done arthroscopically compared to being done open is generally equivalent.
Very roughly, I give patients an 8 to 9 out of 10 chance of whatever shoulder arthroscopic procedure they are having working. However, your surgeon will perhaps be able to give you more specific and personal figures based on exactly what procedure you are having.
I hope this helps.

The correct answer is so close to 100% as makes no difference, because, if you can't get the 'scope into the shoulder, you probably shouldn't be doing that type of procedure.

The other 2 answers above relate to "arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder", whereas "shoulder arthroscopy" in your question is simply the action of inserting the arthroscope into the shoulder joint and having a look around!

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