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I am not clear if she is having a septoplasty (to straighten the cartilage partition in the nose to help her breath better) OR a septorhinoplasty (to acheive the above and reshapen the nose to look better). Either way at 16, I would only do either operation if it was absolutely necessary. I would prefer not to do it if your daughter's facial bones are still growing. Once that is dealt with, I know from experience that all 16 year olds are not the same and each would have to be assessed on their merits before offering them surgery,

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Mr. Wale Olarinde

ENT Specialist


Aesthetic rhinoplasty addresses the appearance (=mainly the outside of the nose) and functional rhinoplasty addresses breathing problems (=mainly the inside of the nose). In practice these two are often combined in one operation.

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Mr. Hagen Schumacher

Plastic Surgeon


Difficult to say without knowing exactly what was done and seeing the appearance of your nose. Generally speaking, to maintain the shape, cartilage support is needed. The lower part of the lateral (=outer aspect) of the ala does not contain cartilage and hence has the potential to move to a lower position.

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Mr. Hagen Schumacher

Plastic Surgeon


It is better to replace like for like. Alar cartilage can therefore be reconstructed by harvesting cartilage from the ear. In more complex nasal cartilage reconstruction i.e. where the vast majority of the cartilage is missing, cartilage can be harvested from the ribs and shaped to suit.

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Dr. Kavin Andi

Oral and Maxillo-facial surgeon


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