I had a right total knee replacement over 3years ago it will not stra...

If your knee truly is 20 degrees short of extension and only bends to 60 degrees then its range of movement is from 20-60 degrees (ie 40 degrees)- which for a total knee replacement is extremely unusual.

You mentioned the surgery was performed 3 years ago and that you have had several further attempts at increasing the range of movement including MUAs, CPM and an open (?arthrolysis) yet you have failed to improve.

Some more answers to questions are required - was it a TKR following an arthrodesis (fusion of the knee), do you have an underlying neuromuscular disorder, have you consulted your original surgeon to discuss this further.etc...?

Assuming your pain and dysfunction is similar to (or worse) than that before the surgery and no medical comorbidities preclude you from having further surgery then revision knee replacement would be a reasonable option.

It is important to assess for infection and other underlying causes but it seems that no other option will improve your function,

Yes, sadly that knee won't improve at this stage without more surgery. Revision surgery is the only option...

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