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As a general rule dental implants are contraindicated until the bone growth is complete, which is from age eighteen to early twenties. Porcelain veneers might not be the best solution to your problem - there might be a less invasive and equally aesthetic alternative, which will depend on the diagnosis. A comprehensive examination is strongly advisable prior any treatment.

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Dr Ksenia Korsunova



In some situations, it is possible to place the implant immediately following the extraction of the tooth. This depends on a number of factors including: * Is there enough bone * Is there any infection present * The condition of the rest of the mouth and teeth The implant specialist will discuss this option with you before treatment and will advise what is preferred in your particular situation. In reality, often the decision can only really be decided once the tooth is removed and the area is inspected.

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Dr. Jeff Sherer

Dentist, Hygienist


Dental Implant surgery can be performed using Local anasethetic only; and this can be pain free. However, if one is anxious, then there is an option of having oral sedatives (tablets) or IV sedation (through the vein in the hand or arm). These are the most common types used. Different countries will use different drugs.

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Omer Hasem El-Hamdoon


Having one implant would imply minimal surgery, when assessed and planned well by your implantologist you would be able to go back to work next day. If you were to have GBR ( Guided bone regeneration ) then this prolongs recovery and healing.

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Dr. M Tareq Ahmado



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