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If you want names you could do worse than Google "Geriatric Psychiatrist"

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Dr. Sandro De Rosa

GP, Psychotherapist


Maybe. Depends on how much anxiety is at the core as opposed to mood disorder, but that sounds like a whole bag of stuff going on! The answer almost certainly does not lie in medication alone... Focussed CBT would have an important part to play and maybe other psychological interventions too. Hope that helps.

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Dr. Richard Fry

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist


Not always. It really depends on the symptoms that are being experienced. Sometimes talking is the best 'medicine' but there some very effective medicines which can be very helpful. Sorry to sit on the fence! But, sometimes medicines will help, sometimes not. Talk to someone who can give expert advice.

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Dr. Jennifer Marshall

Psychologist, Psychotherapist


You could go and see a doctor or you could choose to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist or someone like me a psychotherapist. As a psychotherapist I could explore your concerns and conduct an assessment which could be done in person face to face, or by Skype or if need be by phone, but being able to see you is very helpful for an assessment. I would then propose a course of treatment. If need be I would make any helpful referrals to other professionals and signpost you to other services if I felt this was needed. Do you feel at risk or in danger in any way? In the UK if you have urgent concerns about being seriously mentally unwell you could go to your nearest mental hospital or accident and emergency department or a general hospital. If u felt unable to travel then if you dial 111 or if very urgent 999 and ask for the mental health crisis team. If you seem to be a danger to yourself or others or very distressed they will sometimes telephone to speak to you before seeing u.

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Ms. Penny Bould



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