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What I liked: "Dr. Thornton was very kind and explained exactly what was going to happen and put me at complete ease. She was very professional and attentive both before and after my operation. The team that assisted with my operation were also first class and the post-op nursing care I received was terrific."

Could improve: "Nothing."

I went for: Removal of part of bowel due to cancer

Patient who saw Ms. Michelle Jean Thornton in Wishaw General Hospital

What I liked: "Dr McMurray delivered my wee boy by c section a month early after it was discovered I had a low lying placenta. I went into Wishaw General due to bleeding 8 weeks before my wee boy was due. There was 2 different teams working with me that day and everything was all explained to me by Dr McMurray."

I went for: c section

Patient who saw Dr. David Mcmurray in Wishaw General Hospital

What I liked: "Ms Thornton and her team treated my dad with complete respect and dignity, explaining everything along the way and offered reassurance at a very difficult time."

I went for: Father critically ill

Lorraine M. saw Ms. Michelle Jean Thornton in Wishaw General Hospital

What I liked: "Miss Thornton took amazing action with her team to ensure my life after cancer diagnosis had the best survival rate. She is very knowledgable, friendly and extremely professional. I have no words to describe how thankful I am to this hard working surgeon."

Could improve: "Patient lists must be bulky - like most hospital lists and I think this must put a lot of pressure on the consultants time for reviewing patients at clinic on time in amongst their other duties. It would be ideal if the team could be expanded to lift pressure at clinic times."

I went for: Bowel resection, Bowel Cancer

Jen B. saw Ms. Michelle Jean Thornton in Wishaw General Hospital

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