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What I liked: "After 5 years, someone actually listened to me - Dr. Ganty was fabulous. He explained in common language why I was in pain, and the medication was not working anymore."

Could improve: "Cannot find fault - brillaint all around."

I went for: chronic pain

Patient who saw Dr. Praveen Ganty in The Walton Centre

What I liked: "The treatment is the best."

Could improve: "I have had 3 follow-up apps postponed. And more recently cancelled."

I went for: Parkinson's

Patient who saw Dr. Malcolm Steiger in The Walton Centre

"Dr Fletcher recognised symptoms in my husband others did not. He quickly put various tests, etc. into place. He then had a very unpleasant diagnosis to deliver to my husband and us as a family. Dr Fletcher did this clearly, in a calm and caring manner."

Jane Y. saw Dr. Na Fletcher in The Walton Centre

"Dr Krishnan made me feel that she knew what I was experiencing with my pain and after being pushed about for two years. It was wonderful to find someone who understood. She is a lovely caring person."

Patient who saw Dr. Anita Krishnan in The Walton Centre

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