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What I liked: "Dr Simon Lloyd Owen and his team are remarkable in their expertise, care and competence. They are in my view the best respiratory doctors in the world."

I went for: Sleep apnea

Patient who saw Dr. Simon Lloyd-Owen in The Royal London Hospital

What I liked: "The way I was treated with nothing spared and Prof Harwood listens to you and takes time to explain everything. I only had to contact him by phone when I had a problem and I was always seen straight away."

Could improve: "Nothing, great service."

I went for: Skin cancer - basal cell

Patient who saw Dr. Catherine A Harwood in The Royal London Hospital

What I liked: "Dr Rafferty has looked after me for many years following my transplant; and although I do not see him anymore, he is one of the most professional, attentive and understanding Doctors I have ever met. I am dumbfounded there are no other reviews for this wonderful man."

Could improve: "N/A"

I went for: Kidney function tests

Patient who saw Dr. Martin Raftery in The Royal London Hospital

What I liked: "Doctor Langmead is a very good doctor. She is looking after me since 2012. I never ever met any doctor like her. Everything else is good too. Nurses Ena, Adrian and Shuhana are very friendly and helpful. I am lucky that I found them all in my life. Doctor Park is a good person and friendly."

Could improve: "I really don't know because I get whatever I need."

I went for: My Crohn's disease

Rashed A. saw Dr. Louise Langmead in The Royal London Hospital

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Meningiomas are benign tumours of the meninges, the lining of the brain and spine. They are not uncommon chance findings on brain scans; sometimes cause epilepsy or paralysis. Some meningiomas need surgery to remove them others can be left alone or monitored with serial MRI scans. Memingiomas can be hormonally sensitive, are commoner in women than men, and in postmenopausal women often do not change in size over many years.

Dr. Giles Elrington
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Dr. Giles Elrington


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