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"Dr. Christian Barnick is wonderful. I highly recommend him. He is attentive and has a vested interest in the care of his patients. He actively listens to his patients and shows genuine concern for their welfare. Michelle, Chicago, IL"

Patient who saw Dr. Christian Barnick in The Portland for Women and Children

"Very professional, compassionate surgeon. My child received the best care in his hands."

Patient who saw Mr. David Gault in The Portland for Women and Children

"To help other parents in finding a good paediatrician"

Patient who saw Dr. Murtuza Asif Khan in The Portland for Women and Children

"Dr Clausson was caring,proffessional and re-assuring."

Patient who saw Dr. Britt Ann Marie Clausson in The Portland for Women and Children

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Yes definitely. Encopresis could be due to primary or secondary causes, but on both occasions emotion and behaviour is involved. Treatment of underlying constipation and anal spinster abnormalities need to be addressed in addition to psychology.

Dr. Babu Vadamalayan
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Dr. Babu Vadamalayan


Yes she can but it could reduce her chances of doing so. In patients who present with bleeding in between periods secondary to polyps this is likely to prevent or delay conception and removal is recommended. If the women does get pregnant with polyp in situ this is not detrimental to the pregnancy and occasionally is not found after the end of pregnancy and presumably is resorbed during the pregnancy.

Dr. Joseph Aquilina
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Dr. Joseph Aquilina

Gynaecologist, Obstetrician

Yes asthma can start at any age. Most commonly however it starts in childhood.

Dr. Murtuza Asif Khan
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Dr. Murtuza Asif Khan

Allergist, Paediatrician, Pneumologist

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