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Pield Heath Road . UB83NN Uxbridge, Greater London

Speciality and consultants

Accident and Emergency Medicine
Dr. Alaganadan Sivakumar
Dr. Andrew Greenland
Dr. Jas Johal
Dr. Martin Charles M Sweatman      
Dr. Bela S Vadodaria
Dr. Cheryl P Messer
Dr. Damien J Smith
Dr. Shubha Vashisht
Dr. Anne Brigitte Knight-George
Dr. Jeremy Weinbren     
Dr. Miles Dalby
Dr. Simon Dubrey     
Dr. Richard Michael Grocott-Mason
Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Dev Shah     
Dr. Farhana Esmail Ravat
Dr. Nina Ansari
Dr. Senthil Murali Nachappan
Dr. Sheru George      
Dr. Dev Shah     
Rowan Hillson
Dr. Catherine Mitchell
Dr. Mark Edwards
Dr. Rajashree Baburaj
ENT - Otolaryngology
Dr. Joe Marais      
Dr. Vince Cumberworth
Dr. Ali Kalan     
Dr. Deb Datta
Dr. Gregory Ernest Holdstock
Dr. Sarah Lean      
Dr. Yasser Mohsen
Dr. Aymer Postgate
General internal Medicine
Dr. Richard Michael Grocott-Mason
General Surgery
Dr. Ashish Prabhudesai
Dr. Christopher Kelley
Dr. Edward Babu
Dr. Yasser Mohsen
Mr. Christopher John Kelley
Mr. Trevor Rudrah Franco Paes
Dr. Anthea Parry      
Dr. Duncan Gerry
Dr. Evangelos Vasileiadis
Dr. Julie Vowles
Dr. Stella Barnes      
Dr. Anthea Catherine Parry
Dr. Neale Watson
Dr. Nick Nicholas
Dr. Penny Law
Dr. Ruma Dutta
Dr. Vic Cook
Mr. Ian Chilcott
Mr. Ian Terence Chilcott
Ms. Nicola Velda Jackson
Miss Nikki Jackson
Mr. Nicos Sotiriou Nicholas
Mr. Victor Philip Robinson
Mr. Neale Ramsay Watson
Dr. Riaz Janmohamed
Dr. Richard Kaczmarski
Dr. Chris McGuigan
Dr. Richard Peatfield
Dr. Rachel Farrell
Dr. Omar Malik
Dr. Wojciech Piotr Rakowicz
Dr. Neale Watson
Dr. Nick Nicholas
Dr. Penny Law
Dr. Ruma Dutta
Dr. Vic Cook
Mr. Ian Chilcott
Mr. Ian Terence Chilcott
Ms. Nicola Velda Jackson
Miss Nikki Jackson
Mr. Nicos Sotiriou Nicholas
Mr. Victor Philip Robinson
Mr. Neale Ramsay Watson
Dr. Julian Patterson
Dr. Mohammad Kadifachi
Dr. Nicholas Lee
Dr. Phillip A Bloom
Dr. Siobhan Wren
Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Dr. Michael Gilhooly
Dr. Mahesh Kumar
Dr. David Houlihan-Burne
Dr. John F Dooley
Dr. Ronald Langstaff
Dr. Salah Atrah
Dr. Shaun Ridgeway      
Dr. Vikas Vedi
Dr. Francis Lam
Dr. Nagi Barakat
Dr. Roger M Buchdahl
Dr. Gulamabbas Abdulrasul Khakoo
Dr. Jideofor Obininmma Menakaya
Plastic Surgery
Dr. Jag Chana
Dr. Julia Claire Palmer
Dr. Iqbal Singh
Dr. Robin Jonathan Kantor
Dr. Isabel Mary Shirley
Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Ajoy Nair
Dr. Rajiv Singh Hanspal
Renal Medicine
Dr. Peter Hill
Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Mimi Haselden
Dr. Ajay Bhatia      
Dr. Sarah Woodham      
Dr. Sarah Ellen Woodham
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. Kewal Singh      
Mr. Salah Ghani Khudhair Atrah
Mr. William Norman Bodey
Mr. John Frederick Dooley
Mr. David Gerard Dominic Houlihan-Burne     
Mr. Ronald Joseph Langstaff     
Mr. Vikas Vedi     
Dr. Keng Ng
Mr. Alvan John Pope     
Vascular Surgery
Dr. Saroj Das

Reviews of The Hillingdon Hospital

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Overall rating

"Dr Shah was recommended by another dermatologist as he gets such great cosmetic results. I needed Mohs surgery for a growth on my nose. He operated within 2 weeks and my scar 4 months later is invisible, amazing and I am very grateful to him!"

  • Patient who saw Dr. Dev Shah in The Hillingdon Hospital
  • 25/07/2014
Overall rating

"Fantastic personal care and attentive service."

  • Patient who saw Mr. Vikas Vedi in The Hillingdon Hospital
  • 18/11/2013
Overall rating

"Dr George usually runs a little behind schedule - however, this is clearly a testament of his patient care and consideration, ensuring he and his team make an individual patient feel like an individual. His sense of humour, thoroughness and clarity are second to none."

Overall rating

"Great doctor. He works in Oxford too and I drove from Birmingham to see him on the recommendation of my consultant dermatologist. It's easy to see why others consultants recommend him as a senior opinion. His nurse Mary is brilliant and they both inspire confidence."

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Are you left with scars after the removal of a sebaceous cyst?

Question about Sebaceous cyst

  • Dr. Dev Shah
    Dr. Dev Shah
    Cosmetic Surgeon, Dermatologist
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  • This definately depends on the method to remove these and the size. In general small cysts that are treated for the first in the correct manner are easily removed via small scars.

    When cysts are larger and have come back after inadequate treatment, these require larger scars to prevent recurrence.

    • 2 experts agree