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What I liked: "The friendly, clear and concise information provided, also the appointment was not hurried and Dr Kayan answered all the questions I asked.without hesitation."

Could improve: "Directions to the department at present it has 3 names
Day Hospital/Outpatients
Department of Medicine for Older People
Marjory Warren Unit
This is all confusing and unnecessary"

I went for: Follow up to hip replacement

Patient who saw Dr. Karthik Kayan in Stepping Hill Hospital

What I liked: "Mr Patrick O'Reilly is an excellent surgeon and I would highly recommend him. I will always be grateful to him."

Could improve: "I wouldn't change anything"

I went for: After injury to my bladder

Patient who saw Mr. Patrick Henry O'Reilly in Stepping Hill Hospital

What I liked: "The efficiency of the unit/team. Ran like a clock."

Could improve: "Don't think anything needs to be. But I am sure Kevin would answer that better than me. HE MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO RETIRE!!!"

I went for: Advice and epidural

Patient who saw Dr. Kevin Aelrad O'Sullivan in Stepping Hill Hospital

What I liked: "very nice friendly doctor, very helpful"

I went for: Orthopaedic rehabilitation in the elderly

Patient who saw Dr. Maged Kadies in Stepping Hill Hospital

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