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What I liked: "this lady is a lovey Doctor, she has the right approach and she is kind and understanding. and she knows what it is like to suffer from psoriasis."

I went for: psoriasis

Patient who saw Dr. Samantha Anne Vaughan Jones in St Peter's Hospital

What I liked: "pre operation tests and services were extremely good"

Could improve: "more information when being discharged"

I went for: abdominal aortic aneurysm screening

Patient who saw Magdy Moawad in St Peter's Hospital

What I liked: "Professionalism and excellant personal care which allowed me to be discharged within 6 days. The surgery was performed in January 2014 and I am now deemed fully fit and am able to carry on with the rest of my life."

Could improve: "Nothing at all can be improved."

I went for: AAA repair open surgery

Patient who saw Magdy Moawad in St Peter's Hospital

What I liked: "Dr MOAWAD was very good and extremely considerate on explaining the serious nature of the operation. The operation was carried out on a Friday morning and I awoke in the afternoon. I was able to leave the hospital on the following Sunday afternoon. The operation was a complete success."

Could improve: "Nothing could have been done to improve my experience of this operation."

I went for: Abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery

Patient who saw Magdy Moawad in St Peter's Hospital

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Type 1 endoleak means inadequate sealing at the end of the stent graft (a) for proximal and (b) for distal end. Type1b endoleak should be treated as it causes high pressure in the sac of the aneurysm. In most cases this will require a limb extension (insertion of another stent distally). Embolization of the internal iliac artery may be required in some cases.

Magdy Moawad
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Magdy Moawad

Vascular surgeon

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