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What I liked: "Punctuality"

I went for: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Patient who saw Dr. Julie Dawson in St Helens Hospital

What I liked: "Mr Joyce is a lovely man. He put me at ease and explained everything, both in clinic and theatre. He is a brilliant surgeon, can see better than ever. Many thanks Mr Joyce."

I went for: cataract surgery

Patient who saw Mr. Patrick Weston Joyce in St Helens Hospital

What I liked: "Staff are so helpful and friendly and make you feel comfortable in all aspects of care. They take their time to explain everything in detail. They make you feel special and not just like another procedure. Hospital is clean and bright and welcoming."

Could improve: "Every aspect of care was excellent, nothing could be improved."

I went for: Colonoscopy

Patient who saw Dr. Susan Priestley in St Helens Hospital

"I found Mr Pidikiti and staff to be extremely courteous and professional."

Patient who saw Dr. Prasad Pidikiti in St Helens Hospital

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  • Cardiology
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    Last updated: 20/07/2016
  • General Internal Medicine
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    Last updated: 20/07/2016

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This is likely to have minor effect on blood pressure control in many siding only 2 days. It is not commonly used for blood pressure anymore unless it is an add on to other medications when blood pressure is difficult to control. You may wish to reassess your medications for blood pressure according to your age and your blood pressure control. Changes may help better combinations of medications depending on several factors where your doctor may even stop or change Bendrofluzide.

Dr. Abdullah Mohammed
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Dr. Abdullah Mohammed

Cardiologist, Internist

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