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"Excellent surgeon. Excellent bedside manner. Feels very comfortable and relaxed when he was around. I feel very lucky he is my surgeon."

Patient who saw Dr. Sami Yusuf Farhat in St Anthony's Hospital

"An exceptionally highly skilled practioner, a true gentleman with an excellent bedside manner, obviously well respected by his staff and colleagues."

Gareth B. saw Dr. Sami Yusuf Farhat in St Anthony's Hospital

"Excellent Surgeon, has taken great care of me since my operation! Explaining everything in detail, kind and compassionate, from the start, many thanks Janet and James Bennett"

Patient who saw Dr. Sami Yusuf Farhat in St Anthony's Hospital

"At a time when we were both stressed and afraid, he gave confidence, knowledge and stability. A truly dedicated professional, yet offering personal friendship. Lesly and Tony Batcheler"

Patient who saw Dr. Olusola Odemuyiwa in St Anthony's Hospital

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Rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids is a successful method of treating mainly internal piles. It done as an outpatient or Day case procedure or in combination with colonoscopy or flexble sigmoidoscopy examination of colon and rectum.
Proctoscopy is carried out to assess the piles and then rubber band s are applied using especial suction banding equipment. The tight band strangulate the blood supply to the piles and they quickly fall off. Local anaesthetic may be used like lignocaine jel.
After the procedure some discomfort and sometimes a feeling of wanting to open bowel is experienced. It is due to swelling of strangulating haemorrhoids inside the anal call causing the feeling.
Rubber band ligation of piles can also be repeated or done in two or more sessions.
The person to best judge which haemorrhoids are suitable for rubber band ligation is an experienced colorectal surgeon.

Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Khan Raja
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Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Khan Raja

Colorectal surgeon, Gastrointestinal Surgeon, General Surgeon

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic. You may have a sore mouth or throat after tissue samples are taken.

Dr. Kavin Andi
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Dr. Kavin Andi

Oral and Maxillo-facial surgeon

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