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What I liked: "First class treatment and first class advice. Honestly one can not ask for more and I am confident that all of Dr Duffill's patients also enjoy the best treatment available. I consider myself extremely fortunate and will be eternally thankful for the hospital and the staff working there."

Could improve: "The points pale at this stage into nothingness when one compares the 'bigger picture' and the results for which I (for example) will remain forever grateful."

I went for: Treatment - SAH

Patient who saw Dr. Jonathan Duffill in Southampton General Hospital

What I liked: "The way I was treated nothing was too much trouble and everything was explained to me. My surgery was explained to me so I knew all what was going on. Mr Sparrow was brilliant, I have now been transferred to a hospital near my home (Queen Alexandra). My last appointment there lasted all of five minuites."

Could improve: "For me to be transferred back to Southampton General Neurology."

I went for: neurosurgery as I have syringomyelia

Patient who saw Mr. Owen Charles Sparrow in Southampton General Hospital

What I liked: "Mr Smallwood was magnificent, and saved my life."

Could improve: "Communication with medical staff."

I went for: bowel cancer, gall bladder surgery

Patient who saw Dr. James Smallwood in Southampton General Hospital

What I liked: "The nursing staff doctors were brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble."

Could improve: "Waiting to be admitted on the cardiac ward the day before the operation was quite a wait. We soon realised how tiring it was for the nurses. They are the best."

I went for: heart valve replacement

Patient that went to Southampton General Hospital

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