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Tremona Road . SO166YD Southampton, Hampshire

Speciality and consultants

Accident and Emergency Medicine
Mr. Michael James Clancy
Dr. Julia Katherine Harris     
Dr. Gareth Ashley Charlton
Dr. Mark Mortimer Crosse
Dr. Paul Richard Dawson
Dr. Anthony Richard Gande
Dr. Malvena Elizabeth Stuart Taylor
Cardiac Surgery
Mr. David Francis Norman Weeden
Dr. Alison Calver
Dr. Anthony P Salmon
Dr. Arthur Yue
Dr. Dhrubo Rakhit
Dr. Groschen Veldtman
Dr. Huon Gray
Dr. Iain Simpson
Dr. James Gnanapragasam
Dr. John Morgan
Dr. Kevin Roman
Dr. Nicholas P Curzen
Dr. Paul Roberts
Dr. Peter Cowburn
Dr. Simon Corbett
Dr. Anthony Peter Salmon
Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
Mr. Stephen Mark Langley
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Dr. Josephine Ann Brown
Dentistry / Orthodontics
Dr. Prafulchandra Patel
Dr. Keith Dobson Dawkins
Dr. Iain Alastair Simpson
Dr. Chris Byrne
Dr. Derek Sandeman
Dr. Mayank Patel
Dr. Patrick Sharp
Dr. Richard Holt
Dr. Bernard Stacey
Dr. Colin Johnson
Dr. David Fine
Dr. Fanny Shek
Dr. Fraser Cummings
Dr. Ian Bailey
Dr. James Smallwood      
Dr. John Primrose
Dr. John Sebastian Knight
Dr. Karen Nugent
Dr. Kate Nash
Dr. Michael Stroud
Dr. Nicholas Edward Beck
Dr. Nicholas Sheron
Dr. Nick Coleman
Dr. Paul Nichols
Dr. Roger House
Dr. Trevor Smith      
Dr. Prafulchandra Patel
General internal Medicine
Dr. Alan Jackson
Dr. Benjamin David Chadwick
Dr. David Fine
Dr. Derek Waller
Dr. Gardeep Dulay
Dr. Jasbir Dulay
Dr. Marinos Elia
Dr. Michael Stroud
Dr. Naveed Malik
Dr. Nick Coleman
Dr. Susan Rachel Evans
Dr. Christopher John Edwards     
Dr. Prafulchandra Patel
Dr. Gopalakrishnan Venkat-Raman
General Surgery
Dr. David Rew
Dr. Gavin Royle
Dr. Ian Bailey
Dr. James Smallwood      
Dr. John Primrose
Dr. Ramsey Cutress
Mr. Colin David Johnson
Dr. Karen Patricia Nugent
Mr. Richard Sainsbury
Dr. Helen Clare Roberts
Mr. Nigel James St George Saunders
Dr. Efrem Eren
Dr. Michel Erlewyn-Lajeunesse
Dr. Saul Faust
Intensive Care
Dr. Catherine Mary Nolan
Medical Microbiology
Dr. John Andrew Lowes
Dr. Abraham Kurian
Dr. Alan M Turner
Dr. Alice Manson
Dr. Andrea Whitney
Dr. Andy Eynon
Dr. Ashwin Pinto
Dr. Christopher Kipps
Dr. Colin Kennedy
Dr. Fenella Kirkham
Dr. Haider Katifi
Dr. Ingrid Mazanti
Dr. James Nicholl
Dr. Joanna Lovett
Dr. Jonathan Frankel
Dr. Martin Prevett
Dr. Mary Gawne-Cain
Dr. Neil Thomas
Dr. Nicholas Weir
Dr. Ramamurthy Arunachalam
Dr. Richard J Van Der Star
Dr. Simon Barker
Dr. Simon R Hammans      
Dr. William R Gibb
Dr. Haider Aziz Abdullah Katifi
Dr. Ali Nadersepahi      
Dr. Antonio Belli
Dr. Dorothy Lang
Dr. Emad Shenouda
Dr. Jonathan Duffill      
Dr. Nicholas Brooke
Dr. Nijaguna V Mathad      
Dr. Owen Sparrow
Dr. Paul Grundy
Dr. William Gray
Mr. Nicholas Simon Ralph Brooke
Mr. Paul Leslie Grundy
Mr. Owen Charles Sparrow     
Mr. Nigel James St George Saunders
Occupational Health
Dr. Julia Carol Smedley
Dr. Aby Jacob
Dr. Alex Macleod
Dr. Andrew Lotery
Dr. Andy Luff
Dr. Christina Rennie
Dr. David Anderson
Dr. Debendra Sahu
Dr. Doreen Khan-Lim      
Dr. Kristina May
Dr. Nigel Hall
Dr. Parvez Hossain
Dr. Peter Hodgkins
Dr. Richard Newsom
Dr. Robert J Morris
Dr. Steve Lash
Dr. Tariq Hammam
Ms. Hannah Gaston
Mr. Peter Robert Hodgkins
Ms. Ruth Manners
Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Dr. Andrew A Webb
Dr. Barrie Evans
Mr. Nicholas James Baker
Mr. Nicholas Reginald Boeree
Mr. Nicholas Martin Parry Clarke     
Paediatric Surgery
Mr. Henrik Alex Steinbrecher
Dr. Robert Mark Beattie
Dr. John Oliver Warner
Pathology, General
Dr. Margaret Rose Ashton-Key
Dr. Jeffrey Michael Theaker     
Dr. Charles Simon Barker
Dr. David John Breen     
Dr. Kean Tat (Kenneth) Tung
Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Caroline Hutchings
Dr. Champa Sumanasuriya
Renal Medicine
Dr. Kirsty Armstrong
Dr. Mary Rogerson
Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Anastasios Lekkas
Dr. Anindo Banerjee
Dr. Ben Marshall
Dr. Gary Connett
Dr. Hazel Evans
Dr. Julia Nightingale
Dr. Rachel Limbrey
Dr. Ramesh Kurukulaaratchy
Dr. Ratko Djukanovic
Dr. Simon Charles Bourne
Dr. Thomas Daniels
Dr. Antonia Calogeras
Dr. Brian Davidson
Dr. Christopher Edwards
Dr. Cyrus Cooper
Dr. Elaine Dennison
Dr. Nick Harvey
Dr. Nigel Arden
Dr. Raymond Derek Armstrong
Dr. Brian Kenneth Smith Davidson
Mr. Matthew Charles Hayes
Vascular Surgery
Dr. Clifford Shearman
Dr. Michael Phillips

Reviews of Southampton General Hospital

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Overall rating

"Mr Duffill operated 3 times on my daughter,the first 14 years ago.Without him and the team she wouldn't be with us today.I and my family will be eternally grateful for him,the team and the NHS."

Overall rating

"Dr Smith is highly knowledgeable in treating patients with Intestinal Failure. I've been a patient at the IF Unit for over a year now and the care, treatment and ongoing support I've received from Dr Smith & the Nutrition Team has been first class. I highly recommend Dr Smith."

Overall rating

"Charming young woman who gently but professionally explains all. Would highly recommend her."

Overall rating

"16 years ago Mr Sparrow operated on me and did a wonderful job of bringing me back to life, anyone who needs a good doctor. Southampton is highly recommended by myself and my Family, as just the other week they saved my son's life as well. Thanks Southampton."

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