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"Since my angioplasty on the 1st July I have noticed a considerable change in my breathing, movement in arm/joints and overall health. The difference it has made is outstanding. All was explained so clearly and I would like to thank Dr Rajai Ahmad and his team for carrying out the angioplasty."

Patient who saw Dr. Rajai Ahmad in Sandwell General Hospital

"We could all do with a good dose of him on prescription. I have a message from him on my answering machine (not wanting to sound like a stalker or anything) and whenever I feel down I play it. What on earth would we do without you Dr David Spooner - no one else even comes close, and they never will!"

Anji M. saw Dr. David Spooner in Sandwell General Hospital

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Patient who saw Mr. Martin Sintler in Sandwell General Hospital

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Francisco L. saw Dr. Chetan Varma in Sandwell General Hospital

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Mr. Anindya Lahiri
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Mr. Anindya Lahiri

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