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What I liked: "Excellent knowledge and I was given time to explain."

I went for: Consultation

Patient who saw Dr. Mary E Heber in Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

What I liked: "his nice manner"

Could improve: "nothing"

I went for: Bladder and prostate symptoms and management

Patient who saw Dr. Narayanan Nair Srihari in Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

What I liked: "I have been amazed by the care I have received over the last 10+ years.. Quite apart from the help with UC Dr Maxton has somehow identified pancreatic insufficiency and a prolactinoma and referred to appropriate specialist."

Could improve: "Appointment aways says clinic 3 whereas appointment is in clinic 5 I presume this is an admin problem. Would someone please oil the wheels on Dr Maxton's trolley."

I went for: Inflammatory bowel disease - ulcerative colitis

Patient who saw Dr. David Grant Maxton in Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

What I liked: "Very good at job. Explains things, sees you after having baby."

Patient who saw Mr. Adam Scott Gornall in Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

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I usually do excision and primary closure but away from the midline using Karydakis procedure. This heals better than a midline closure.

Mr. Mark Cheetham
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Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

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