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What I liked: "Lovely kind caring man, everything explained so well listens to you and your opinions welcomes your questions and input. When you are diagnosed with cancer its a very scared place to be. Dr Shrihari is the man to see.
Thank you ! 😀"

Could improve: "Nothing"

I went for: Prostate cancer

Patient who saw Dr. Narayanan Nair Srihari in Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

What I liked: "A very good consultant very patient and understanding with nervous people ."

Could improve: "Nothing"

I went for: Check up

Patient who saw Dr. Jane Panikkar in Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

What I liked: "Dr R Heinink very calm and reassuring,explaining clearly the condition and procedures to take place .Thank you!😀"

Could improve: "Waiting room ,very unpleasant body odor smell,even though windows open!They explained they can't have fan to circulate air due to cross contamination?? Good job it was a sunny day and we spent the seven hours waiting mostly outside!"

I went for: Medical emergency

Patient who saw Dr. Richard Heinink in Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

What I liked: "Excellent knowledge and I was given time to explain."

I went for: Consultation

Patient who saw Dr. Mary E Heber in Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

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I usually do excision and primary closure but away from the midline using Karydakis procedure. This heals better than a midline closure.

Mr. Mark Cheetham
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Colorectal Surgeon, General Surgeon

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