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Prescot Street . L78XP Liverpool, Merseyside

Speciality and consultants

Dr. Venkata Suryanarayana Murthy Burra
Dr. Christopher John Richard Parker
Dr. Heike Romer
Dr. Adrian Chenzbraun
Dr. George Hart
Dr. Hugh Larkin
Dr. Jason Pyatt
Dr. Julian Hobbs
Dr. Michael Fisher
Dr. Satya Prakash Verma
Dr. Stephen Saltissi
Clinical Oncology
Dr. Peter Irving Clark
Dr. Myint Sun     
Colorectal Surgery
Mr. Paul Carter
Mr. Ufuk Gur
Mr. Paul Rooney
Dr. Richard Azurdia
Dr. Adrian Chenzbraun
Dr. William Julian Caird Hobbs
Dr. Stephen Saltissi     
Dr. Jitendu Vora
Dr. Philip J Weston
Dr. Tejpal S Purewal
Dr. Aftab Ahmad
Dr. Tejpal Singh Purewal
Dr. Dushyant Sharma
Prof. Jiten Vora
Dr. Anthony Ellis
Dr. Anthony I Morris
Dr. Christopher Halloran
Dr. David Mark Pritchard
Dr. Howard Leighton Smart
Dr. Ian T Gilmore
Dr. Jonathon M Rhodes
Dr. Martin Gerard Lombard
Dr. Melita A Gordon
Dr. Neil Haslam
Dr. Paul Richardson
Dr. Paul Stephen Rooney
Dr. Paul Sydney Carter
Dr. Paula Ghaneh
Mr. Anthony Ellis
Dr. Ian Thomas Gilmore
Dr. Martin Lombard
Prof. Anthony Morris
Dr. Paul Anthony O'Toole     
Dr. Sanchoy Sarkar
Dr. Howard Leighton Smart
General internal Medicine
Dr. D Solomon Almond
Dr. Isameldin Abdelrahim Osman
Dr. Jitendu Vora
Dr. Neil Haslam
Dr. Peter Burnham
Dr. Simon Constable
Dr. Aftab Ahmad
Dr. Gordon Bell
Dr. Christopher Charles Evans
Dr. Thomas Duncan Kennedy
Prof. Jiten Vora
Dr. Martin John Walshaw
General Surgery
Dr. Alison Jane Waghorn
Dr. Anne Tansley
Dr. Christopher Halloran
Dr. Christopher Holcombe
Dr. Geraldine Rita Mitchell
Dr. Mark N Hartley
Dr. Nathan Howes      
Dr. Paul Sydney Carter
Dr. Paula Ghaneh
Dr. Robert Sutton
Mr. Paul Carter
Dr. Mysore Chandrashekar
Mr. Ufuk Gur
Mr. Abd-El-Kader Saleem Abd-El Kader Hammad
Mr. Mark Hartley
Mr. Michael Jeremy Hershman
Mr. Christopher Holcombe
Mr. Nathan Robert Howes     
Dr. John Neoptolemos
Mr. Shabbir Saleh Poonawala
Mr. Paul Rooney
Dr. Robert Sutton
Mr. Srinivasa Rao Vallabhaneni     
Ms. Alison Waghorn
Genito-urinary Medicine
Dr. Marilyn Gwynneth Bradley     
Dr. Alison Diack
Dr. Aravind Manoj
Dr. Fatima Hussain
Dr. Geoff Phillips
Dr. Glyn Scott
Dr. John Tsang
Dr. Nadine Carroll      
Dr. Neil Carmichael
Dr. Rebecca Bancroft
Dr. Shankar Loharuka
Dr. Andrew Royston Pettitt
Dr. Cheng Hock Toh
Dr. John C Cawley
Dr. Nagesh Kalakonda
Dr. Patrick Chu
Dr. Rahuman Salim      
Dr. Richard E Clark
Dr. Vanessa Joan Martlew
Dr. John Cozens Cawley
Mr. Patrick Chu Chi-Mai
Infectious Diseases
Dr. Alastair Robert Ogilvie Miller
Dr. Peter Enevoldson     
Dr. Robin Pillay      
Nuclear Medicine
Dr. Sobhan Vinjamuri
Ophthalmic Surgery
Dr. Carl Pieter Groenewald
Dr. Mark Batterbury
Mr. William David Newman
Dr. Bertil Eric Damato      
Dr. Heinrich Heimann
Dr. Jaysharee Sahni
Dr. Michael Briggs
Dr. Nick Beare
Dr. Peter K Wishart
Dr. S H David Wong
Dr. Simon P Harding
Dr. Stephen Bruce Kaye      
Dr. Theo Stappler
Mr. Mark Batterbury
Mr. Michael Briggs
Dr. Bertil Eric Damato
Mr. Carl Pieter Groenewald
Prof. Simon Harding
Mr. Heinrich Heimann
Mr. Stephen Bruce Kaye
Mr. William David Newman
Mr. Ian Pearce
Mr. Ian Andrew Pearce
Mr. Peter Wishart
Mr. Sai Hung David Wong
Dr. Andrew Phillipson
Dr. Badri Narayan      
Dr. Christopher R Walker
Dr. Colin Dunlop
Dr. Dan Brown
Dr. Inigo Guisasola-Gorrochategui
Dr. Marcus De Matas      
Dr. Martin C Lynch      
Dr. Nikolaos Giotakis
Dr. Qi Yin
Dr. Robin Pillay      
Dr. S Sirikonda      
Dr. Selvadurai Nayagam      
Dr. Simon Frostick
Dr. Viju Peter
Dr. W Anthony Jones
Mr. Peter Brownson
Dr. Alex Panarese
Dr. Chris Webb
Dr. George Banhegyi
Dr. Maxwell S McCormick
Mr. Raymond William Mary Clarke
Mr. Maxwell Stewart McCormick     
Dr. Alessandro Panarese
Pathology, General
Dr. John Roy Gosney
Dr. Christopher Paul Johnson
Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Emlyn Williams
Renal Medicine
Dr. Ali Bakran
Dr. Gordon Mckenzie Bell
Dr. Hameed Anijeet
Dr. Janice Harper
Dr. John L Alexander
Dr. Matthew Howse
Dr. Michael Schulz
Dr. Muhammad Shahed Ahmed
Dr. Pearl Pai
Dr. Peter S Williams      
Dr. Rana Rustom
Dr. Gordon McKenzie Bell
Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Colin Smyth
Dr. Hassan Burhan
Dr. Stephen B Gordon
Dr. Devesh Mewar
Dr. Eddie J Tunn
Dr. Kate Nelson      
Dr. Tom D Kennedy
Dr. Thomas Kennedy
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. Alasdair Santini      
Mr. Peter Brownson
Mr. John Davidson
Mr. David Huw Thomas Miller
Mr. Badri Narayan
Mr. Alasdair Santini
Mr. Christos Sinopidis
Mr. Siva Prasad Veera Venkata Satya Sai Sirikonda
Mr. Andrew Taylor
Mr. Christopher R Walker
Mr. Philip Andrew Cornford     
Mr. Anthony Desmond
Mr. Keith Parsons
Mr. Kenneth Alan Woolfenden
Vascular Surgery
Dr. Ali Bakran
Dr. Geoffrey Lawrence Gilling-Smith
Dr. John Aquinas Brennan
Dr. Rao Vallabhaneni      
Mr. Geoffrey Lawrence Gilling-Smith

Reviews of Royal Liverpool University Hospital

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"Great consultant, reassuring and tells you just how it is. Fabulous and friendly and has a great caring team (Speech Therapy). They put every effort into making sure you receive the correct treatment. If you ever have to visit the voice clinic you will get 1st class treatment."


"Fantastic doctor, very straight talking."


"Best Doctor I've seen yet. Very funny guy, great to get along with, tells it how it is. :)"


"Carried out extremely complex Abdominal Aortic Aneurism repair on me in January 2014, using amazing specially designed fenestrated grafts, and throughout was informative and pleasant and had me up and about in no time."

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