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What I liked: "Mr Sidhu is a caring and attentive gentleman. His gently manner and warmth were a great source of encouragement and support before and after surgery. So thankful to him and the team at the RVB."

Could improve: "Nothing from my point of view. The RVB provide a world class service to all."

I went for: Surgery mitral valve replacement

Patient who saw Dr. Pushpinder Singh Sidhu in Royal Hospitals, The

What I liked: "Dr Watt has a lovely manner with patients. A very professional educated man who listens and tries to help. I have been seeing him for 3 years for what is a rare condition and he puts my mind at rest and gives me solutions. He is ever the gentleman, no matter how busy he is."

I went for: Pain management for Chiari Malformation

Patient who saw Mr. Michael Watt in Royal Hospitals, The

What I liked: "Mr Primrose is an absolute gentleman, he was very informative about my surgery, he has a very caring nature, couldn't praise him enough."

I went for: Removal of tumour & parotid gland

Sharon M. saw Mr. William John Primrose in Royal Hospitals, The

What I liked: "A highly skilled and experienced surgeon. He is also a very high quality person. He helped me enormously both through his skill and his compassionate and caring manner. I am very grateful to him."

I went for: Surgery involving tumour in neck area

Patient who saw Mr. William John Primrose in Royal Hospitals, The

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