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What I liked: "Dr Watt suspected right away that I had the condition, a relief after 2 years of appointments with GPs. I find him very pleasant natured but straight. He seems to have a very real insight to how conditions affect patients lives."

Could improve: "NHS Waiting lists! But that's not Dr Watts fault!!☺️"

I went for: Chiari Malformation

Patient who saw Mr. Michael Watt in Royal Hospitals, The

What I liked: "Had this surgery performed by a consultant beforehand, and he messed my finger up and put me in more pain for 4 years. I then went to see Mr Swain who was excellent. Performed the surgery well and I've been in a 100th of the pain I was before. I have full confidence in him."

Could improve: "I was cancelled the day before I was due to have surgery and then thought I'd have to wait months again for another surgery date, but had a cancellation 2 weeks later."

I went for: PIP joint release on my ring finger

Patient who saw Mr. William David Swain in Royal Hospitals, The

What I liked: "Ward 4 F, wonderful nurses, sympathetic, helpful, efficient! Mr. S.Cooke, surgeon, a human being!!! Excellent result. This man is a treat to have on one's side."

Could improve: "Care after anesthetic. No human being to talk to there. Horrible experience for twenty minutes, maybe more. Plenty of nearby, unrelated chatter, but some friendly attention from my wife or daughter would have made a world of difference."

I went for: pituitary gland removal

Patient who saw Mr. Richard Stephen Cooke in Royal Hospitals, The

What I liked: "Mr Sidhu is a caring and attentive gentleman. His gently manner and warmth were a great source of encouragement and support before and after surgery. So thankful to him and the team at the RVB."

Could improve: "Nothing from my point of view. The RVB provide a world class service to all."

I went for: Surgery mitral valve replacement

Patient who saw Dr. Pushpinder Singh Sidhu in Royal Hospitals, The

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