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What I liked: "i and my family were kept informed at every stage. the entire staff were very helpful and understanding, i have no doubt at all they saved my life and i am eternaly grateful to all of them. i have enjoyed 16yrs of life, i have seen my children settled and i now have 3 lovely grandchildren."

Could improve: "thank you from myself and my family, you are in our thoughts and prayers always."

I went for: Accident and emergency surgery

Patient who saw Mr. William David Swain in Royal Hospitals, The

What I liked: "I liked Mr White, he is a very caring and affable man. A consultant with a smile."

Could improve: "Nothing, everything was very good."

I went for: Lower eyelid correction

Patient who saw Mr. Stephen Thomas White in Royal Hospitals, The

What I liked: "Dr Watt suspected right away that I had the condition, a relief after 2 years of appointments with GPs. I find him very pleasant natured but straight. He seems to have a very real insight to how conditions affect patients lives."

Could improve: "NHS Waiting lists! But that's not Dr Watts fault!!☺️"

I went for: Chiari Malformation

Patient who saw Mr. Michael Watt in Royal Hospitals, The

What I liked: "Had this surgery performed by a consultant beforehand, and he messed my finger up and put me in more pain for 4 years. I then went to see Mr Swain who was excellent. Performed the surgery well and I've been in a 100th of the pain I was before. I have full confidence in him."

Could improve: "I was cancelled the day before I was due to have surgery and then thought I'd have to wait months again for another surgery date, but had a cancellation 2 weeks later."

I went for: PIP joint release on my ring finger

Patient who saw Mr. William David Swain in Royal Hospitals, The

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