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What I liked: "Dr Sims is a caring Dr who will always put the best interests of his patients first."

I went for: Breast cancer treatment

Patient who saw Dr. Eliot Sims in Queens Hospital

"A brilliant surgeon and man. First operated on me in 2009 installing a neurostimulation system in my brain to cure multi-sited head, face and neck pain. Still under his care suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. He continues to help me! The most impressive physician I have come across, having seen many."

Patient who saw Dr. Ian Low in Queens Hospital

"Dr Opemuyi treated me a long time ago, in 2006, after 2 miscarriages, and a few further issues. He was thorough and highly professional, carried out in the most personable and comforting manner - I immediately trusted him, and never forget his kind words which comforted me during surgery."

Patient who saw Dr. Isaac Opemuyi in Queens Hospital

"What an amazing surgeon. He never seems to take a day off & works around the clock giving his patients the best possible care EVEN long after surgery. He operates when no other surgeon will & is aggressive in his approach with amazing results. My husband will live longer ONLY because of Mr Low."

Claire H. saw Dr. Ian Low in Queens Hospital

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