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What I liked: "All of the team, from triage to resusc were soo very kind. Due to a very bad experience earlier this year I was extremely nervous, Dr Hassan (known as Dr Costa) was so empathic and compassionate to both my husband and myself upon realising our situation. Dr Chowdry n Rachel extremely professional."

Could improve: "You will always get one bad Apple and unfortunately I met the same on my previous stay whereupon I was informed I was a naughty n dirty girl for having an accident in the bed. Having been transferred from intensive care, where I had been intubated n cared for so well I was distraught."

I went for: Asthma attack, have ms

Patient who saw Dr. Hayder Hassan in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich

What I liked: "Mr Cheong, gynaecologist gave me good explanation in non medical term on my condition. Offered various options of investigation and treatment. I felt being made empowered. Would definitely recommend him to any woman requiring a gynaecological examination."

Could improve: "Could improve on time waiting to see the doctor."

I went for: Gynaecology appointment

Patient that went to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich

What I liked: "Mr Marcus, was patient and proactive, he assessed my situation and reviewed all avenues which could have caused my problem. He instilled confidence as he was honest about my possibilities and I conceived during my first course of treatment."

Could improve: "Nothing!!!"

I went for: Assisted reproduction

Patient who saw Dr. Samuel Marcus in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich

What I liked: "The Dr was very professional and helpful , he gave me hope"

I went for: Uterine fibroids

Patient who saw Dr McDonald in Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich

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I agree with the above if the cyst is benign can cause pressure on the bladder .or the bladeer symptoms can be coincidence
The coast is around £ 4500 as the hospital coast is raised recently.
I am one of the Laparoscopic surgeon happy to help if you want
Thank you

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Mrs. Kazal Omar

Gynaecological Oncologist, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician

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