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Was your appointment at Portland Park Medical Centre?


What I liked: "Friendly reception staff. Friendly and patient doctors and nurses."

Could improve: "Time keeping is terrible by doctors and nurse."

I went for: Nurse and doctor appointments

Patient that went to Portland Park Medical Centre

What I liked: "Karen fantastic, tried to make me relax with a difficult and painful smear. Dr Kirkland also got involved, both lovely, professional people. Very grateful for their care, patients and understanding today. Fingers crossed! Thanks again"

I went for: Cervical smear test

Patient who saw Nurse Karen and Dr Kirkland in Portland Park Medical Centre

What I liked: "It's usually very difficult to get an appointment with Dr. Herbert. I was taken prior to app't. time and Dr Herbert was his usual mannerly, considerate self. He discussed my problems and gave me a prescription for a medication which will hopefully be the answer to my problem."

Could improve: "It would be nice to bring back the table with the magazines and the decor could be much brighter. Smiles also don't come readily! ..that's the first action to put someone at ease."

I went for: Arthritis pain and audio question

Patient who saw Dr. Murray MacRae Herbert in Portland Park Medical Centre

What I liked: "You're made to feel comfortable."

Could improve: "Daily newspaper with the magazines. Everything else is fine."

I went for: chest exam

Patient who saw Dr. Alasdair Graham in Portland Park Medical Centre

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