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What I liked: "He's the best consultant I've ever come across. I'm now going to see him on the 13/2/2015 for removal of the right thyriod and want him to do it, not one of his team, as a have no trust in anyone else."

Could improve: "Seating area not enough seats and it is cold, & have sat there 3 hours at times to be seen."

I went for: Thyriod cancer

Patient who saw Dr. Roy Farrell in Northwick Park Hospital

What I liked: "Dr. Tatla is highly impressive, from the diagnosis until surgery and after care, he is exemplary. Brilliant surgeon."

Could improve: "The nurses in the hospital."

I went for: My father had a growth in his voice box.

Patient who saw Dr. Taranjit Tatla in Northwick Park Hospital

What I liked: "Dr Samarage has been very helpful with his calm/polite nature and professional knowledge. He has always given us extra time explaining everything in details and more, so is very understanding. I feel he is an angel in disguise. He gave us courage when we almost lost hope!"

I went for: FMU

Patient who saw Dr. Hiran Samarage in Northwick Park Hospital

"Dr. P. is a true professional, but is also kind, caring and so very supportive."

Patient who saw Dr. Nicki Panoskaltsis in Northwick Park Hospital

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Salazopyrin is the trade name for sulphasalazine. It is less commonly used for mild to moderate ulcerative colitis these days, as its side-effect profile is greater than that of mesalazine which is now used as first-line treatment for this indication. However, the drug can be particularly useful for patients with arthritis associated with inflammatory bowel disease, as well as for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Sulphasalazine is much cheaper than mesalazine for patients purchasing anti-inflammatory drugs themselves. Monitoring blood tests are advisable for patients taking this medication. The drug is contraindicated in patients with a history of sulphonamide allergy.

Dr. Maxton Charles Leighton Pitcher
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Dr. Maxton Charles Leighton Pitcher


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