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Ninewells Avenue . DD19SY Dundee, Dundee City

Speciality and consultants

Dr. Catriona Mary Noelle Connolly
Dr. Alfred James Shearer
Clinical Neurophysiology
Dr. Kathleen Spillane
Mr. James Ferguson
Dr. Colin John Fleming
Dr. Catherine Mary Green
Dr. Thomas Stanley Callaghan
Dr. Graeme Peter Mcneill
Dr. Stuart David Pringle     
Dr. Graham Peter Leese
ENT - Otolaryngology
Dr. Robin Leitch Blair
Mr. Syed Shah Musheer Hussain
Mr. Magdy Mohamed Amin Riad
Mr. Paul Stephen White
Dr. Craig Mowat
Dr. Nigel Reynolds
General internal Medicine
Mr. Robin Pierre Smith
General Surgery
Mr. Douglas Charles Brown
Mr. Kenneth Lindsay Campbell
Mr. David Exon
Mr. Gareth David Griffiths
Mr. Michael Lavelle-Jones     
Mr. Sami Mahmoud Shimi
Mr. David Monro Smith
Mr. Iain Stephen Tait     
Dr. Alastair Mark Thompson
Mr. Nicholas Howard Townell
Mr. Fan Wui Chien     
Dr. Adam Forbes Gordon     
Dr. Vanessa Juliet Kay     
Mrs. Madhurima Rajkhowa
Medical Microbiology
Dr. Marie Gabrielle Anne Phillips
Medical Oncology
Dr. Douglas James Alexander Adamson     
Dr. John Archdale Dewar
Dr. Jonathan Ignatius O'Riordan
Dr. Robert James Swingler
Mr. Muftah Salem El Jamel     
Mr. Fan Wui Chien     
Dr. Adam Forbes Gordon     
Dr. Vanessa Juliet Kay     
Mr. Nicolas David Langley George
Dr. Caroline Jan MacEwen
Dr. Manhal Georges Georges Nassif
Pathology, General
Dr. Eleanor Dow
Plastic Surgery
Mr. John Howard Stevenson
Renal Medicine
Dr. Alison Severn     
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
Mr. Faz Alipour-Tootoonchi
Mr. James Richard Buckley     
Mr. Graeme Craigie Foubister     
Mr. Amar Singh Jain     
Mr. James Gordon Bruce MacLean
Mr. Manhal Georges Georges Nassif
Mr. James Edwin Scullion
Mr. Neil Wilson Valentine

Reviews of Ninewells Hospital

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Overall rating

"Dr Vanessa Kay is one of the most compassionate, understanding persons who always has time to listen to her patients and I would recommend any woman to see her if they are having problems with their health. A very grateful patient"

Overall rating

"All I can say is when I was 14 years old and suffered a brain haemorrhage Mr El Jamel saved my life. I cannot fault him as he was the best surgeon ever."

Overall rating

"I was seen by Mr Payne. He was very professional. He explained everything to me and treated me with respect. I would say that is excellent and the day surgery unit were great. I have never seen such a clean unit nor have I ever been so impressed with the amount of times the nursing staff washed hands."

  • Patient that went to Ninewells Hospital
  • 16/04/2014
Overall rating

"Mr Foubister has the rare quality of being able to listen to his patients. Sadly, a dying art amongst many other medical and nursing staff in today’s world. He addresses you in a kindly, informative style, taking time to explain exactly what it is that he needs you to understand. As an orthopaedic surgeon he is without equal and I have and will continue to recommend him to others."

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