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What I liked: "Mr Smith is an excellent surgeon but his manner can be a bit abrupt at times but I would not think twice about seeing him again if I needed to"

Could improve: "His manner and the nursing staff's attitude to patients and their families"

I went for: Gallbladder surgery

Patient who saw Mr. David Monro Smith in Ninewells Hospital

What I liked: "Dr Vanessa Kay is the most amazing Doctor/ Surgeon I have had the pleasure to meet, she is caring and everything she does is for the right outcome of her patient. I would encourage any woman to go and see her if they are experiencing any gynacalogical problems."

I went for: Prolapse surgery

Patient who saw Dr. Vanessa Juliet Kay in Ninewells Hospital

What I liked: "Mr Foubister explained the procedure fully, and laid out the risks. He did this in a very pleasant, friendly manner - unlike the arrogance seen in some. His surgery was very successful, with not even staples or sutures to be removed."

I went for: Knee replacement

Patient who saw Mr. Graeme Craigie Foubister in Ninewells Hospital

What I liked: "Finally someone who listens to a patient when they request something totally off planet! Only other orthopaedic consultant I've met like this was Mr Nassir at PRI. Finally I may have a solution to a 15 year problem. Can't recommend him enough."

Could improve: "Nothing he can do about waiting area etc., so no complaints."

I went for: Adult foot and ankle surgery

Patient who saw Mr. Amar Singh Jain in Ninewells Hospital

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