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What I liked: "Seen promptly. Dealt with kindly. Reassuring. An open door back to her if required."

Could improve: "Nil in this case."

I went for: review of previous surgery... small hernia

Patient who saw Dr. Ruth Soulsby in New Cross Hospital

What I liked: "Everything."

Could improve: "Time keeping."

I went for: haemotology

Patient who saw Dr. Alan MacWhannell in New Cross Hospital

What I liked: "My husband was under the care of Mr Coen for 6 years for vascular problems related to diabetic complications - neuropathy, leg ulcers & access for kidney dialysis. Although he eventually lost his battle to live I am convinced it was the care given by Mr Coen that prolonged his life."

Could improve: "He has a brusque manner at times but this does not affect the excellent treatment he gives his patients - he really does care."

I went for: Vascular problems related to diabetes

Patient who saw Dr. Lionello Coen in New Cross Hospital

What I liked: "I will be eternally grateful to Mr Garnham for the successful Carotid Body Tumour surgery. I would also state that although I was very anxious, Mr Garnham’s kind, confident and reassuring approach helped me a great deal in coping with this major surgery."

Could improve: "N/A"

I went for: Carotid Body Tumor Surgery

Patient who saw Dr. A W Garnham in New Cross Hospital

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