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What I liked: "Dr Afifi had excellent communication skills, he listened in an empathic way, explaining what he felt about the treatment I could have to help my condition and was gentle with his words when spoken. He advised me appropriately and clearly after listening to my concern, I feel positive, lucky. Thankyou so much."

Could improve: "N/A"

I went for: Out patients first appointment

Patient who saw Dr. Khaled Afifi in New Cross Hospital

What I liked: "He and his team was extremely caring and professional throughout the procedure. Mr Cooke came to see me before and after surgery and again was very kind and explained what was going to happen and then afterwards explained that everything had gone according to plan. Could not fault him or his team."

Could improve: "The staff on the ward behaved wonderfully and were first class. It appeared that they where understaffed but that was obviously not their faut."

I went for: Prostate Cancer

Patient who saw Mr. Peter William Cooke in New Cross Hospital

What I liked: "Mr Hart is an excellent surgeon who takes time to listen and find out what the problem is, he replaced my hip 6 years ago, and I can't fault Mr Hart for care and attention."

I went for: Check up after injection into hip.

Patient who saw Dr. William Hart in New Cross Hospital

What I liked: "Everything.I was there in 2010 .Saw Dr Cotton..followed but battery of tests,echo,toe,angiogram,all arranged quickly followed by open heart surgery
All successful.Wonderful staff"

Could improve: "Nothing that I could put my finger on"

I went for: Post echo consultation

Patient who saw Dr. James Cotton in New Cross Hospital

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