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Was your appointment at New Cross Hospital?


What I liked: "Everything.I was there in 2010 .Saw Dr Cotton..followed but battery of tests,echo,toe,angiogram,all arranged quickly followed by open heart surgery
All successful.Wonderful staff"

Could improve: "Nothing that I could put my finger on"

I went for: Post echo consultation

Patient who saw Dr. James Cotton in New Cross Hospital

What I liked: "Dr Rylance was very polite and understanding and listened well and communicated well with me; one of the better consultants."

Could improve: "Nothing."

I went for: Kidney function tests

Patient who saw Dr. Paul B Rylance in New Cross Hospital

What I liked: "he is so polite and explains things really well"

Could improve: "nothing, he was brilliant, friendly, made us feel gd with the results, they have done a brilliant job"

I went for: xray broken themur

Patient who saw Mr. Sanjiv Chugh in New Cross Hospital

What I liked: "Professionalism, and a very friendly personality."

Could improve: "As far as my personal opinion goes there is nothing to be improved."

I went for: Gallbladder scan

Patient who saw Mr. Francis Thomas Curran in New Cross Hospital

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