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Parkfield Drive. TA15DA Taunton, Somerset

Speciality and consultants

Accident and Emergency Medicine
Dr. Jason Lawrence Louis
Dr. Andrew Daykin
Dr. Barry J Nicholls
Dr. Ian S Gauntlett
Dr. Jasmine Lucas
Dr. John D Clear
Dr. Justin Phillips
Dr. Mike B Walburn
Dr. Nick Kennedy
Dr. Peter J Ravenscroft
Dr. Richard Desborough
Dr. Richard Innes
Dr. Steve Harris
Dr. Stuart J Collins
Dr. Suzanne Carty
Dr. Dan McKenzie
Dr. David Beacock      
Dr. David MacIver
Dr. Mark Dayer
Dr. Michael A James
Dr. Stuart Walker      
Dr. Tom J MacConnell
Clinical Oncology
Dr. John Douglas Graham
Colorectal Surgery
Mrs. Louise Hunt
Dr. Damian W Pryce
Dr. Rachel Wachsmuth
Dr. Victoria Lewis
Dr. Joseph Boyle
Dr. Michael Antony James
Dr. Thomas Joseph MacConnell
Dr. David Hunter MacIver
Dr. Stuart Keith Walker
Dr. Colin F Close      
Dr. Isabelle Douek
Dr. Joanne Watson
Dr. John Kalk
Dr. Paul Lambert
Dr. Robert Andrews
ENT - Otolaryngology
Dr. Andrew Drysdale
Dr. Andrew Husband
Dr. Saraat Sadek
Mr. Andrew James Drysdale
Mr. Andrew David Husband
Mr. Stuart Charles Wells
Dr. Chris J Vickery
Dr. Emma Greig
Dr. Ian Eyre-Brook
Dr. Paul Mackey
Dr. Paul Thomas
Dr. Richard Welbourn
Dr. Tim Jobson
Dr. Wolf-Ruediger Matull
Dr. Stirling Pugh     
Dr. Paul David Thomas
General internal Medicine
Dr. Paulus Constant Mattheus Kist
Dr. Catherine Jane Laversuch
Dr. Tarunkumar Gordhandas Solanki
Dr. Robert Anthony Stone     
Dr. Christopher Ralph Swinburn
General Surgery
Dr. Amanda Thorne
Dr. Chris J Vickery
Dr. Ian Eyre-Brook
Dr. Jasper Gill      
Dr. Paul Eyers
Dr. Richard Welbourn
Mr. Alan Michael Klidjian
Mr. Neville Ian Ramus
Mr. Christopher James Vickery
Mr. Charles Richard Burkewood Welbourn     
Dr. Alsaddik Jaly
Dr. Emmanuel Udezue
Dr. Jessica Beavan
Dr. Lucy Pollock
Dr. Paul Kist
Dr. Peter Campbell
Dr. Simon Cooper
Dr. Tarun Solanki
Dr. Adel Naguib
Dr. David Milliken
Dr. Guy Fender
Dr. John Macaulay
Dr. Ken Bidgood
Dr. Melanie Robson
Dr. Robert Fox
Dr. Heather Marsh
Dr. Belinda Austen
Dr. Deepak Mannari
Dr. Sarah Allford
Dr. Simon Bolam
Dr. Simon V Davies
Intensive Care
Dr. Bradley Lorrimer Browne
Dr. Christopher Price      
Dr. Mark Fish
Dr. Roop Hanspal
Dr. Edward Elliot Fathers
Dr. Adel Naguib
Dr. David Milliken
Dr. Guy Fender
Dr. John Macaulay
Dr. Ken Bidgood
Dr. Melanie Robson
Dr. Robert Fox
Dr. Heather Marsh
Dr. Ed Herbert
Dr. John M Twoomey
Dr. Jonathan Rossiter
Dr. Kim Hakin
Dr. Roger Gray
Dr. Siobhan Rattigan
Mr. Adrian Keith Bates
Ms. Siobhan Mary Rattigan
Mr. John Matthew Twomey
Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Dr. Graham Merrick
Dr. Manuel Blanco-Guzman
Dr. Michael Davidson
Mr. Michael John Coutts Davidson
Mr. Graham David Merrick
Dr. Alan Dunkley
Dr. Andrew Clarke
Dr. Andrew J Kelly
Dr. Ben Squires
Dr. Clayton Marsh
Dr. James Heal
Dr. Nick Steele
Dr. Paul Thorpe      
Dr. Pradeep Madhavan
Mr. Colin Ogilvie
Dr. Andrew David Tandy
Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Roop Hanspal
Respiratory Medicine
Dr. Alexandra Powell
Dr. Christopher R Swinburn
Dr. Justin Pepperell
Dr. Robert A Stone
Dr. Catherine J Laversuch
Dr. Leslee Goh
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery
Mr. Andrew Michael Clarke     
Mr. Alan Bernard Dunkley
Mr. Pradeep Madhavan     
Mr. Colin Ogilvie
Mr. Abdullah Omari
Mr. Paul Lawrence Patrick Thorpe     
Dr. Andrea Cannon      
Dr. Mark J Speakman
Dr. Nick Burns-Cox
Dr. Ruaraidh MacDonagh
Mr. Nicholas Burns-Cox
Ms. Andrea Margaret Cannon
Mr. Ruaraidh Peter Macdonagh
Dr. Timothy Porter     
Mr. Mark Joseph Speakman
Vascular Surgery
Dr. Paul Eyers

Reviews of Musgrove Park Hospital

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Overall rating

"My husband and I were very impressed with the way the consultation was held also the way we were made to feel at ease, in a professional manner."

Overall rating

"Excellent, caring, kind surgeon who makes you feel at ease and takes time to explain the procedure until you fully understand."

Overall rating

"I was admitted to Fielding Ward in July 2013. Dr Beacock has been my consultant ever since, always making time to answer any questions or worries I may have. I always leave consultations or treatments feeling reassured knowing that Dr Beacock and his team are there for me."

Overall rating

"Dr Close has been my dr since 1997 and he is the best diabetic dr I have seen. He is kind and sincere and can have a laugh with you. He knows when to be serious, he just has this way with you, he gets to know you as a indivual and knows how to say things to you without offending. He is just great."

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