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Was your appointment at Musgrave Park Hospital?


What I liked: "That I got an appt. for the procedure far earlier than promised. The staff were super. So capable (to be expected, I suppose) but also Cheerful and Attentive. Top marks to Musgrave Park."

Could improve: "The sandwiches. It was very thoughtful to provide these as there was a long wait between registration and time of Procedure (I had been told there would be ). As a vegetarian I had to refuse the offer of Tuna or Ham."

I went for: Carpal tunnel release

Patient who saw Dr. Paul Maginn in Musgrave Park Hospital

What I liked: "Very attentive, explained my condition in detail."

I went for: Scoliosis brace fitting

Patient who saw Dr. Gary David Wright in Musgrave Park Hospital

What I liked: "This man is an amazing surgeon. It's just a pity that he will be taking early retirement."

Could improve: "Keep patients more informed about delays in surgery. Feel like I have been treated like a number and not someone who is in constant pain. Have been waiting longer than the 6 months waiting list for spinal surgery."

I went for: orthopaedic review

Patient who saw Mr. Alistair Hamilton in Musgrave Park Hospital

"Mr Aidan Cosgrove treated my grand daughter Lola at Musgrave Hospital and look after her in a very professional and friendly manner. He also reassured Lola's parents that all would be well."

Patient who saw Mr. Aidan Patrick Cosgrove in Musgrave Park Hospital

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