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Was your appointment at Midlock Medical Centre?


"Dr O Neil has always been very patient/helpful and very understanding, never makes you feel like you are wasting his time, and is always very cheerful."

Patient who saw Dr. Kenneth Francis O'Neill in Midlock Medical Centre

"because i think doctor c holms is very professionl and very attentive to her patients
and takes time to explain things to you."

Jean G. went to Midlock Medical Centre

"attended dr strump since 1977. very thorough, prompt followups, bloods, hospital appts etc,nice personality and very witty."

Patient who saw Dr. Barry Jonathan Adams-Strump in Midlock Medical Centre

"i just feel the dr i attend at midlock is very attentive in your needs and takes time to explain things to you in order you understand things."

Patient that went to Midlock Medical Centre

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