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What I liked: "Very quick to assess me, friendly staff, nothing seemed too much trouble"

Could improve: "Nothing"

I went for: Acute stroke treatment

Patient who saw Dr. Simon Leach in Lincoln County Hospital

What I liked: "I don't think you could meet a more polite man, makes you feel at ease, tells you his findings in deep depth, wonderful."

Could improve: "Nothing at all."

I went for: Bowel surgery / found I had bowel cancer

Patient who saw Mr. Suresh C B Pillai in Lincoln County Hospital

What I liked: "Dr. Hussain is our hero, for he was the consultant who questioned the fact that the horrendous state of my whole body, was in fact something much more sinister. A rare Endocrine tumour! I had initially been treated by another consultant for 8 weeks, before Dr. Hussain was asked for his opinion."

Could improve: "Made more aware that this rarity can occur in the guise of skin problems."

I went for: Skin condition, endocrine tumour

Patient who saw Dr. Khalid Hussain in Lincoln County Hospital

What I liked: "Dr Sidra puts you at ease, and explains things in a way you understand. He never rushes you and lots of time for you."

I went for: Haemotology

Patient who saw Dr. Gamal M Sidra in Lincoln County Hospital

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Mr. Suresh C B Pillai
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Mr. Suresh C B Pillai

Gastrointestinal Surgeon, General Surgeon

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