Reviews of Leicester Royal Infirmary - 40 reviews

Reviews of Leicester Royal Infirmary - 40 reviews

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What I liked: "Dr Sheldon saved my life - I was given a clean bill of health by my GP, but he realised that I was chronically ill and saved my life. This was nearly 20 years ago and I am still alive."

I went for: An appt

Patient who saw Dr. Peter J H Sheldon in Leicester Royal Infirmary

What I liked: "Dr Aravindan is an excellent & competent Gynaecologist. Took Interest in my case as a Consultant. She explained what was going on in my body with professionalism and empathy which put me at ease. Outlined all the options available to me and with recommendation. Felt good & satisfied. Highly recommended."

I went for: Fibriod diagnosis and treatment

Patient who saw Dr. Rajeshwari Aravindan in Leicester Royal Infirmary

What I liked: "Treated with the utmost sensitivity, kindness and compassion."

Could improve: "Nothing, well done LRI. You gave my mother five star treatment in the 3 days leading to the end of her life at the LRI stroke ward. Thank you to a most dedicated team."

I went for: Consultation with Mr Eveson

Patient who saw Dr. David Eveson in Leicester Royal Infirmary

What I liked: "Mr Machili was excellent. He gave me ample time, explained everything very clearly. He was very reassuring and gave me confidence in his assessment. His manner was superb."

Could improve: "Nothing."

I went for: TIA assessment

Patient who saw Dr. Chipulwa Machili in Leicester Royal Infirmary

What I liked: "Mr Juratli was the first dr. to successfully diagnose a long term ear infection picked up from a holiday swimming pool. He is a mild mannered, softly spoken man of the highest professional character. I underwent a 4 hour mastoidectomy procedure by Mr Juratli, and I am truly grateful to this man."

Could improve: "Regarding Mr Juratli nothing!"

I went for: Ear infection

Patient who saw Dr. Abdul Juratli in Leicester Royal Infirmary

What I liked: "Mr Sutton is treating my daughter for a ruptured spleen, he is polite, caring and a genuine friendly person. I am so glad he as been the one to look after my daughter. I couldn't praise him enough for his help and concern towards her."

Could improve: "Nothing, I am more than 100% satisfied with the service provided by Mr Sutton."

I went for: Ruptured Spleen

Patient who saw Dr. Christopher Derek Sutton in Leicester Royal Infirmary

What I liked: "Everything. Polite, friendly and professional."

I went for: Tia tests

Patient who saw Dr. Suzanne Dawson in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"Mr Miller has treated me over the last few years and have one op to go!, his bedside manner is second to non, he explains procedures in a simple way and put patients at ease. Highly recommended."

Patient who saw Mr. Andrew Stephen Miller in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"Mr Moirs made me feel really relaxed. A wonderful guy and so human."

Patient who saw Dr. Andy Moir in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"Had lump in neck removed for biopsy under local anaesthetic. Mr Jones was very reassuring, calm and professional; everything you want when someone has a scalpel to your neck!"

Patient who saw Mr. Thomas Alun Jones in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"He is a wonderful surgeon and I would recommend him 100%. He is trustworthy and that is important to us women."

Patient who saw Dr. Rod Teo in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"Dr Lakhani is a terrific consultant who shows the utmost care for his patients and staff on his ward. He is always readily available to talk to and is always willing to talk to patients' relatives. His knowledge is top class and he deserves a lot of credit. Ward 23 is a terrific ward to be based on."

Patient who saw Dr. Dilesh Lakhani in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"Dr Marsh was sympathetic, informative, respectful and compassionate to my mother. She gave her about a 50 minute consultation and answered all our questions clearly and directly."

Patient who saw Dr. Rachel Marsh in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"Dr Thomas and team have been supportive and caring and I would have no hesitation about any of my family being attended by Dr Thomas."

Patient who saw Dr. Gillian Dawn Thomas in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"Approachable Dr. Very Good."

Patient who saw Dr. Iain Macdonald McLaren in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"Mr Jones we found was to be excellent and very professional. He was treating my partner for a lump in his neck which turned out to be non malignant. Mr Jones was truly fantastic."

Debra J. saw Mr. Thomas Alun Jones in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"One has enormous confidence in her ability to diagnose and treat. You understand exactly what is happening and why and you feel you have received the optimum care."

Patient who saw Dr. Joan E Davies in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"Dr Kinder is very caring and understanding. She helps to get you sorted with the correct medication and help required to cope. She is the best doctor I have seen so far."

Patient who saw Dr. Alison Kinder in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"An amazing consultant. Caring, compassionate & knowledgeable. He took me through 2 difficult pregnancies at the Royal & both times he went beyond what we could have imagined. Its a shame more doctors are not like this. He is a credit to the profession & a big cuddly teddy bear! Highly Recommend!"

Patient who saw Mr. Richard Charles Stewart De Chazal in Leicester Royal Infirmary

"I had both eyes treated for cataracts by Dr Burns several years ago and the procedure and results have been fantastic and life-changing."

Patient who saw Dr. Joyce Burns in Leicester Royal Infirmary

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