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What I liked: "Dr Sheldon saved my life - I was given a clean bill of health by my GP, but he realised that I was chronically ill and saved my life. This was nearly 20 years ago and I am still alive."

I went for: An appt

Patient who saw Dr. Peter J H Sheldon in Leicester Royal Infirmary

What I liked: "Dr Aravindan is an excellent & competent Gynaecologist. Took Interest in my case as a Consultant. She explained what was going on in my body with professionalism and empathy which put me at ease. Outlined all the options available to me and with recommendation. Felt good & satisfied. Highly recommended."

I went for: Fibriod diagnosis and treatment

Patient who saw Dr. Rajeshwari Aravindan in Leicester Royal Infirmary

What I liked: "Treated with the utmost sensitivity, kindness and compassion."

Could improve: "Nothing, well done LRI. You gave my mother five star treatment in the 3 days leading to the end of her life at the LRI stroke ward. Thank you to a most dedicated team."

I went for: Consultation with Mr Eveson

Patient who saw Dr. David Eveson in Leicester Royal Infirmary

What I liked: "Mr Machili was excellent. He gave me ample time, explained everything very clearly. He was very reassuring and gave me confidence in his assessment. His manner was superb."

Could improve: "Nothing."

I went for: TIA assessment

Patient who saw Dr. Chipulwa Machili in Leicester Royal Infirmary

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