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What I liked: "Doctor Godsiff and his team were fantastic in all departments. The in-depth talk about the knee replacement & also the side effects that can or could result from this operation, also an alternative to knee replacement in my case that has never been explained. My Army Medical file was discussed."

Could improve: "I sustained this injury when in the Army & have tried to give my Army medical file to various doctors over the years, they were always brushed aside or blanked. If Governments want to help the N/H then they should set up a separate fund for people who have sustained injuries in the Armed Forces."

I went for: knee replacement

Patient who saw Dr. Steven Godsiff in Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust

What I liked: "Cannot speak highly enough of Dr Peter Topham, he went above and beyond to help me."

Could improve: "Everything about the renal units at the Leicester General are top class. All the staff are a pleasure to be with."

I went for: Kidney Failure

Patient who saw Dr. Peter Topham in Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust

What I liked: "Mr Mayne put my incontinence right after 12 procedures since 1988. To him I will be eternally grateful."

Could improve: "In my case nothing."

I went for: TVT

Patient who saw Dr. Christopher J Mayne in Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust

"Mr. Dennison performed a Islet cell transplant and pancreatectomy on me in March 2010. The terrible pain that comes with it was gone!Alas I am still not without pain, but is bearable which it was'nt before.Nothing but praise can I give this man! Barbara Hodson. Gtr Manchester."

Patient who saw Mr. Ashley Dennison in Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust

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Not that I know of! Fibroids can be treated by medications but they re grow when medications are stopped. The medication are hormonal treatment and can have side effects. Fibroids are more commonly treated surgically. There are some other treatment options such as uterine artery Embolization and MRI guided ultrasound.

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