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What I liked: "I am happy with treatment of Dr Topham and his professional advice, giving me all reassurance needed. I will therefore be happy to recommend Doctor to others needing similar treatment. Thank you."

I went for: Referred by GP for Consultation

Patient who saw Dr. Peter Topham in Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust

What I liked: "Very professional consultant. Clearly explained what to expect during and afterwards. Very calm and able to put patients at ease about the suspected condition and how the possible outcomes could be dealt with. Very reassuring. Thank you so much Mr Goddard, we felt so safe in your capable hands."

Could improve: "The staff sorting out the appointment should have advised us that the appointment had been rescheduled to the afternoon session. We were asked to arrive at 7.30 am for a 11.00 appointment!! This is no reflection on the consultant but a fault of the appointment scheduling team."

I went for: Bladder and prostate symptoms and management

Patient who saw Dr. Jonathan Goddard in Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust

What I liked: "I have been seeing Dr Topham in clinic now for the last 12 years. I have had to visit many different departments within UHL, none of the other doctors I've seen have been half as good as Dr Topham. He listens, explains in language one can understand, he's courteous and always has a smile for patients."

I went for: Vasculitis clinic

Patient who saw Dr. Peter Topham in Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust

What I liked: "Mr. Dennison and his team are so friendly and helpful. They are always smiling and work so well together. I feel like a member of the family every time I go to Leicester for a follow up/check up. Have been doing this for 10 years which is in no way annoying, in fact it's an honour and a privilege to go."

Could improve: "Absolutley Nothing!!"

I went for: The 6th one of my 10 years check up

Patient who saw Mr. Ashley Dennison in Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust

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