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What I liked: "I see Dr Redmond annually as I have MS (relapsing-remitting).
He is professional and friendly enough, but resistant to the most up-to-date evidence-based approaches, such as Prof. Jelinek's "OMS" program which is based on his authoritative & comprehensive overview of all existing research studies."

Could improve: "Dr Redmond could take a more enlightened approach by considering the evidence presented by Prof. George Jelinek and the current studies emerging from the HOLISM project. He could also listen to the experience of his patients."

I went for: Regular consultations for MS

Patient who saw Dr. Ian Redmond in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

What I liked: "His manner, professionalism, attention to detail, wanting to treat each patient as an individual. Even though extremely busy had time for the patient. He really is the best."

Could improve: "Nothing with Mr Relwani, just make sure the NHS keep him."

I went for: post op consultation

Patient who saw Dr. Jai Relwani in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

What I liked: "Dr Munroe is one of the best neuro consultants I have ever seen. He listens to his patients and understands them fully."

Could improve: "You can not improve the service."

Patient who saw Dr. Neil Munro in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

What I liked: "The nursing staff and Dr Bollas were kind and I felt completely listened to. I feel I have hope of a resolution after many years of a condition that has not been given much attention and has caused me pain and distress."

Could improve: "Doctors he can train so more people get help?"

I went for: Abdominal problems

Patient who saw Dr. Ioannis Bollas in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

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Assuming you do have this diagnosis, I would recommend Lamisil Once from the chemists. Usually works a treat! Doesn't stop you getting reinfected, but is good at clearing current infection, and in a single application. An alternative is Lamisil cream, which I would recommend you use two times daily for two weeks. Important to change your shoe insoles as well as these could be loaded with fungal elements which could potentially encourage re infection. If not appearing to work, I would recommend a visit to your GP, get skin samples taken for mycology to confirm the diagnosis. If still an issue, a referral to the dermatologist is the order of the day. Good luck!

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Dr. Mark J. Hudson-Peacock


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