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What I liked: "He is the most human doctor I have ever seen. No matter how I thought my questions may have seemed very naive, he never made me feel stupid. I felt that he had all the time for me that I needed. I felt like a human being and not just another number on the list."

Could improve: "Nothing. What a credit to the nhs he is."

I went for: Consultation

Patient who saw Dr. Ioannis Bollas in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

What I liked: "So kind, so professional and did such a great job. All other patients seem to know him and all report such a positive experience."

Could improve: "Nothing."

I went for: Vascular access surgery

Patient who saw Dr. Tony Beaumont in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

What I liked: "The way I was treated, in both senses of the word."

I went for: nerve damage tests

Patient who saw Dr. Jeremy Bland in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

"Dr Bollas is an excellent specialist who makes you feel at ease immediately and carries out his work at a very high level of proficiency. He was brilliant at carrying out my gastroscopy with the absolute minimum of discomfort and he was very reassuring at every step."

Eleni H. saw Dr. Ioannis Bollas in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

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My philosophy is to only treat if they are symptomatic in a child. In most children they resolve spontaneously in time. Otherwise, I would start with Occlusal wart paint on prescription from your GP, if you are keen to treat.
Good luck.

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Dr. Mark J. Hudson-Peacock


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