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What I liked: "The nursing staff and Dr Bollas were kind and I felt completely listened to. I feel I have hope of a resolution after many years of a condition that has not been given much attention and has caused me pain and distress."

Could improve: "Doctors he can train so more people get help?"

I went for: Abdominal problems

Patient who saw Dr. Ioannis Bollas in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

What I liked: "Absolutely so relieved to have found someone who is not only able to help me but also empathetic and kind. I didn't feel rushed, his explanations were clear and he has a wonderful sense of humour. A very pleasant man, who also happens to be an excellent Doctor. All I can is thank goodness. :)"

Could improve: "Nothing"

I went for: Abdominal Pain

Patient who saw Dr. Ioannis Bollas in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

What I liked: "He is the most human doctor I have ever seen. No matter how I thought my questions may have seemed very naive, he never made me feel stupid. I felt that he had all the time for me that I needed. I felt like a human being and not just another number on the list."

Could improve: "Nothing. What a credit to the nhs he is."

I went for: Consultation

Patient who saw Dr. Ioannis Bollas in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

What I liked: "So kind, so professional and did such a great job. All other patients seem to know him and all report such a positive experience."

Could improve: "Nothing."

I went for: Vascular access surgery

Patient who saw Dr. Tony Beaumont in Kent and Canterbury Hospital

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This is standard treatment for most skin lesions being removed. In your particular case, the melanoma will be removed with an appropriate margin of normal skin related to its depth or Breslow thickness on the original biopsy. The wound is then stitched together to essentially make the hole created "disappear". Two layers of stitches are needed to give the wound strength and to reduce the likelihood that it might dehisce or open up again. The deeper layer is not visible and slowly dissolves over a few months, depending on the type of stitch used. The surface stitches are usually removed after 1-2 weeks, depending on the site of the surgery. All this is very straight forward and carried out under a local anaesthetic. A Dermatological Surgeon (or, depending on where you live, other trained surgeon) would be the usual one undertaking this procedure for you. Good luck!

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Dr. Mark J. Hudson-Peacock


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