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What I liked: "Very thorough caring professional approach.
Lovely bedside manner and explained everything simply."

I went for: Required Stents to be fitted

Patient who saw Dr. Gail Richardson in Glenfield Hospital

What I liked: "His calmness, he put me at ease, he's a very kind gentleman. I came away feeling very calm and positive about my future."

Could improve: "I don't think you can improve on anything, while I was there everything went very smooth and I didn't have to wait for any of my treatments."

I went for: A heart valve or repair talk.

Patient who saw Mr. Mark St John Hickey in Glenfield Hospital

What I liked: "Mr Hickey made me feel very calm, he explained in language that I understood why I needed an operation. I came away feeling very positive about the future. Mr Hickey is a very understanding gentleman."

Could improve: "Nothing that I can think of."

I went for: Adult congenital heart disease surgery

Patient who saw Mr. Mark St John Hickey in Glenfield Hospital

What I liked: "now 10 yrs later I can remember mr dzumhur who looked after me so well and was so caring, wish there were more doctors like him. cannot express how much I appreciate his care for me at a time of worry in my life. i can assure anyone who has him looking after them will find him the most caring doctor."

Could improve: "nothing as far as the care I got from mr dzumhur and the rest of the staff."

I went for: Breast cancer surgery

Patient who saw Dr. Sead Dzumhur in Glenfield Hospital

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