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What I liked: "Dr McKee is one of the finest surgeons I've ever had from my time at Yorkhill to GRI, I can trust her with anything and be relaxed knowing that her decisions are in the best interest of me getting a better quality of life and I can't thank her enough!"

Could improve: "nothing has to be improved"

I went for: to get a stoma

Patient who saw Dr. Ruth Fraser McKee in Glasgow Royal Infirmary

"Dr Scott is an amazing plastic surgeon and a very professional, caring and lovely man. I had 100% confidence from my first consultation and I could not be happier with the results. I have had various operations with him due to breast cancer and I can not rate him enough."

Patient who saw Mr. John Scott in Glasgow Royal Infirmary

"I was referred to Mr Kumar with a foot injury, we decided not to go for surgery at this stage. The staff were excellent and Mr Kumar has a very personable manner and exudes confidence - first class communicator with an excellent manner. Highly recommended."

Patient who saw Mr. Chinnasamy Senthilkumar in Glasgow Royal Infirmary

"Mr Malyon is a true gentleman who treats you with the utmost respect. Explains the reasons for his decisions fully, and doesn't assume you are an idiot. Would recommend him 100%."

Patient who saw Mr. Andrew David Malyon in Glasgow Royal Infirmary

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Not necessarily. The decision to treat patients with gallbladder stones is always reached with the individual after considering factors including their symptoms, general level of fitness and any potentially serious complications of the gallstones, e.g. infection, stones causing blockage of bile ducts and pancreatitis.

However, if the decision is made to proceed with treatment for gallbladder stones, the standard approach is surgical removal of the gallbladder (cholecystectomy), not just removal of the gallstones as gallstones will commonly recur if the gallbladder remains.

Mr. Mark Duxbury
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Mr. Mark Duxbury

Gastrointestinal Surgeon, General Surgeon, Medico Legal Expert

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