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What I liked: "The kindness and professionalism of Mr Kaushal. Very likeable,and I had every confidence in his ability to be successful.
Both my wife and I were impressed by his dedication."

Could improve: "This man is at the top of his game,I certainly cannot suggest improvements!"

I went for: right hemicolectomy

Patient who saw Dr. Manish Kaushal in Furness General Hospital

What I liked: "Doctor Hay is not only the most skilled and dedicated person I know in serving her patient but with lovely caring and time for those distressed over the patient. She is overloaded with work but this on meeting her seems false as she gives one comforting time to understand patient problems."

Could improve: "Ask Doctor Hay. But in my opinion as she covers Cumbria as a whole perhaps a trainee at each location she covers reporting direct to her so if this happens routine trips are not done unless needed by a valuable skilled person."

I went for: Support to my daughter

Patient who saw Dr. Cathy Hay in Furness General Hospital

What I liked: "I've seen Dr Mitchell 3 times. I have ill health and have seen many Drs and professors in my 36 years and Dr Mitchell is the best I have seen yet. He doesn't let you go untill he has explained everything to you and he gets to the bottom of everything. Love this Dr to bits. xxxxx"

Could improve: "Nothing can be improved with Dr Mitchell, he is simply the best. xxxxx"

I went for: an outpatient app with him

Patient who saw Dr. William Smith Mitchell in Furness General Hospital

What I liked: "Friendly and professional."

I went for: shoulder pain

Patient who saw Dr. Brian Finnegan in Furness General Hospital

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