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What I liked: "A very dedicated self assured surgeon with unequalled skill and expertise. I had every confidence of the outcome when placing my life in his hands borne out to a successful outcome."

Could improve: "To my mind nothing. Top class surgeon with an excellent team. Also all nursing staff were excellent, kind and courteous and very efficient, cannot thank them enough."

I went for: Heart bypass surgery

Patient who saw Mr. Malcolm John Robert Dalrymple-Hay in Derriford Hospital

What I liked: "The total support of all staff that I met and probably of the 'unseen' staff too."

Could improve: "The funding! The funding! The funding! Oh! The food! --It can be quite disgusting. I guess though that is down to the funding."

I went for: TKR developed other in hospital problems

Patient that went to Derriford Hospital

What I liked: "As far as I am concerned this man is a legend. His professionalism, knowledge and level of care is exceptional. He has never stopped in his fight to keep me with sight."

I went for: Uveitis

Patient who saw Dr. Adam Booth in Derriford Hospital

What I liked: "Everything"

I went for: Arterial coronary artery bypass grafts

Patient who saw Dr. Clinton Lloyd in Derriford Hospital

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